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  1. Hi I am newly admitted cs grad student at Purdue. I have offered graduate assistantship which is $1918. is it enough for two person (me and my spouse) to live in west-Lafayette year with this amount?
  2. Hi, I am looking to do my PhD in computer science, with a focus on AI and machine learning.I am lucky to get two fully funded PhD offer from Purdue CS and Penn state IST (information Science and Technology). Offered an RA ship in Penn state. The professor is pretty good. Offered TA ship from Purdue. Students usually have 2 years of time to explore before settling down with a professor. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
  3. I am planning to apply for PhD in 2020. I have got 167 in Quant, 155 in verbal and just 3.0 in AW. I know that a complete profile is a combination of SOP, LOR, etc. I just want to hear your valuable opinions. I am targeting universities between ranking 20-50. And my field is computer science. Is this a competitive one ? or should I give GRE again ?
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