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  1. Thanks Gauss2017. One of my letter writers is in stats (Bayesian). As you said, it'd be nice if I had more people from stats writing for me. The stats classes were larger (thus harder to get a good rec), I took less of them, and I've already graduated so sadly I can't change much about that. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thanks bayessays. Maybe I'm overcompensating for the fact that I felt like I lacked depth in my mentioned 'research interest' last year, and only now I see that it could work against me. Do you think it could hurt carefully expressing the excitement about the possibilities in a very narrow field after showing general interest in a broader field (Bayesian statistics)? Also, will definitely look into his work. Cheers
  3. Undergrad Institution: UK Top 5/6 (Although this is misleading as I believe 5th-8th are seen as interchangeable in the UK, if not (controversially) 3rd-8th) Major: Mathematics and Philosophy Concentration: Statistics, Pure math (mostly analysis) GPA: (Converted) 3.90~4.00/4.00 (4.00/4.00 according to the guideline of my UG institution. Also, only the upper division classes count towards the GPA) Graduated: 2018 Awards: Nothing besides Dean's list for the final 2 years Type of Student: International Asian (East Asian) Relevant Courses: (Grad classes) Measure & Probabili
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