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GRE test day photo


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Hi all, there was a discussion on here a few weeks ago about whether GRE takes a photo of the test takers, someone had said not for U.S. testing centers...

I took the test today in Omaha and they took my digital photo (no big deal) before the test. Just wanted to throw this out there to help clear up any confusion... When I took the GRE several years ago they didn't take my photo; maybe their policy changed or maybe it varies depending on the test center?

I actually like to see this in place as it reduces any chance of cheating...

Iowa Guy

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When I went to take my GRE general, the woman checking people kept looking back and forth between by passport and me. Facial hair and a bit of balding makes a big difference. Luckily I took the exam in Korea so, although she was clearly considering asking me about the changes, she decided not to.

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ETS' policy is that if the school requests your information to verify your identity, they are compelled to send it. So if for some reason the school thinks that you aren't who you say you are, they can request that horrible, grainy, webcam mugshot from ETS.

I looked pretty awful in mine too and honestly the quality was so bad that you could barely make out my facial features. Shrugs.

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do schools see your photo? I was looking rough that day, hadn't shaved in a while was too busy studying. honestly i looked like a bit of a thug.

LOL. Don't worry about it. I honestly think most people just roll out of bed that morning...or even a few mornings before that. No one is there for the photoshoot. On GRE day, we all look like bums. It's called "bum-chic". And all the cool kids are doing it.

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