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What else do I need to do?


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Hey everyone!

I'm currently a junior studying psychology with a sudden epiphany of what I want to do with my life. I want to get my MSW and get my LCSW. Ideally down along the road, I want to start an outreach organization (along with doing therapy and whatnot) for adolescents from mixed cultures growing up in America, primarily Arab American girls. Anyways, I currently have a 3.29 GPA which I'm working really hard on bringing up. I am on the head of the departments' graduate student research team, in which I work with grad students on their studies. I have also been gaining practicum units doing a Parent Training course in which I am the research coordinator and also observe and code data on the children. I am the correspondent chair for the psychology club. I plan on getting an internship during the spring or summer with one of the biggest mental health/social work providers in my county.

My dream school is University of Washington, although I do plan on applying other places such as NYU. What else can/should I be doing to get into these programs? I know I need to get my GPA up but I'm aware and am succeeding in my classes so far this semester. Also, any tips for the process of applying to grad school?

Thanks :)


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