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Chances of getting into PhD program in Biostats?


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So currently I am a 3rd year undergrad at OSU, theoretical math major with stat and bio minor. My current gpa is not so hot, 3.03, planning to raise this to 3.35 or 3.4 as the best case scenario before applying while somehow achieving 3.8, 3.9 in the hardest semesters where I take abstract algebra and analysis at the same time, along with other not so easy courses. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but will in the summer.

Here are the programs I plan to apply to for PhD:

1. John hopkins*

2. University Washington*

3. Boston University

4. Minnesota*

5. Michigan

6. UNC Chapel hill*

7. Pennsylvania

8. Emory -

9. Pittsburgh

10. Yale

11. Berkeley

12. Iowa



2. Harvard*

3. Columbia*

* = main ones i am interested in.

Will I have any chance to get into the top biostat programs at all while assuming the following, or in general?


3.3 overall GPA

60-70% percentile verbal, 90% quantitative

3 solid letter recs

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This should probably be in the Math&Stats sub-forum, but in any case, I think you will find it tough sledding to get into the PhD programs at most of the places on your list with the possible exception of Iowa, Pitt, and BU. Your best bet might be to start in a good Masters program (where your chances of admission are better) before moving on to the PhD.

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