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Chances for PhD stat/biostat?

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Hello, I am planning to apply for PhD programs in statistics and biostatistics and I want to get some idea on choosing schools.

Undergrad: Math major in a renowned LAC, international student

GPA: 3.60/4.00

GRE: 600/800/4. (possibly taking GRE subject in November?)

Coursework: AP Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra 1,2, Intro to proof, Real Analysis 1, Measure Theory, Functional Analysis, Topology, Set Theory, Complex Variables, Abstract Algebra 1

Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Computational Statistics, Regression Analysis

Intro to Computer Science, Data Structures

(Sadly I do not have any biology background)

Research: 2 short (about 4 months) researches in statistics, senior thesis

I think my background is okay in general, but I am extremely worried about my GPA which is not competitive. I am thinking of applying:


- Wisconsin

- Duke


- Minnesota

- Penn State

- Yale

- Rutgers


- UC Davis


I have no idea on choosing schools, but my "rough" list is:




I'd like to get any advice on the schools I chose (both stat and biostat). Any suggestion is appreciated!

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I think you will have a pretty decent chance of admission at good biostat departments. From your list of stat departments, it seems like you are not opposed to Midwest schools, so I would recommend adding both Minnesota and Michigan biostat to your list; they are on about the same level as UNC.

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cyberwulf and yipoklemot, thank you for your comments. For biostats program, I heard that international applicants hardly get funding at UNC or Michigan, so I am a bit worried. Do you know any information about it? Also, I was thinking about adding one more stats program. Do you have any recommendation that has a reasonable chance for me?

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