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Masters in Development Economics.


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Hi, I'm coming from a sociology background, but have really taken a liking to economics: specifically development economics. So far I've completed intro macro as well as micro up to the intermediate level. I've found a couple development economics programs and they sound really cool. The two programs I know of are at Yale and Cornell. The Yale program states the applicants should have economics training equivalent to a major in Econ. That's probably impossible for me at this point in my college career. I really feel like I'm talented at Econ, but I'm already a senior and switching majors is impossible at this point. Am I out of luck?

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There is a very big step up from intermediate micro & macro to the advanced theory you take as an econ major, especially in terms of the math. The best thing you can do is talk to someone at Yale (or Cornell or wherever) and speak to them about your situation. If you really need to advanced theory and math, and you really feel strongly about doing an MDE, you could also consider taking an extra semester or year of undergrad to meet the requirements.

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