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"Best" M.A. Archaeology programs? CRM focus? (US and UK)


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Hello all,

I am thinking of applying to M.A. programs in Archaeology for entry in fall 2013. My end goal - for now - is working in an archaeological services firm as an archaeologist/historian/etc. I am from California and would prefer to work in the western US or the UK (where I studied abroad).

So far my research has turned up the M.A. Archaeology programs at the University of Arizona and the University of New Mexico as well as the M.A. program in Cultural Resource Management at Sonoma State University.

Does anyone have any experience with these programs? What do/did you think of them?

Do you have any other suggestions for good programs? ("good" = good experience, good support network, good career prospects, with more CRM focus than research focus because I am not interested in a PhD at the moment).

What about MA/MSc programs in the UK?

Thanks for reading!

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I have heard amazing things about two other places - one is a field school in the UK. Not sure where at the moment - I'll have to do some more research on that one.

As for the US, I've heard amazing things about the University of Illinois' program run through the Anthropology department. They are relatively close to a field school that offers summer classes and is certified by the Society of American Archeologists I believe.

Hope that vague answer helped a little!

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I'm applying to academic archaeology programs, but I'm currently working in CRM, so here's what I've found out from my coworkers: I've heard good things about Northern Arizona's applied anthropology masters. And I think that the University of Colorado also has a pretty good masters program for people interested in working in the western US. I also agree with Double Shot's assessment of the University of Illinois' program; plus you could probably get work with the Illinois State Archaeological Survey which is a really good CRM program (even though you said that you want to work in the western US, ISAS would be a great place to get CRM experience.) Hope that helps!

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I did my undergrad at Sonoma State. I don't know anything about that program, but it is a nice school. Very beautiful area. In fact, if I get into Berkeley, I would love to move back there, but it is a little bit too far.

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