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Recommendations needed for SLP grad programs and other masters degree options


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I have had a pretty good run during undergrad at Oklahoma State but I started off with not knowing how to study. However, I finished strong my last 60 hours with a 3.64 GPA but my overall GPA is a 3.15. During my senior year, I applied to 3 schools for Speech-Language Pathology only because our department limits us to 3 rec letters for any given staff. Long story short, I was rejected by each of them. I was super bummed and was about to jump into an MBA when everyone started telling me to hold off and figure out what I could do to try again. I figured I could give it a shot. So, instead of graduating in May 2013, I picked up a minor in child development to help up the GPA. All the classes I am in are almost a 4.0 guarantee and I now I am looking at graduating with a GPA 3.3 in May 2013. In all of this, I found a program to certify me as an SLPA (Speech Path Assistant) and was able to join a single SLP in her clinic in the same town of my university. I will be done with my SLPA training by December and I have already received a job offer from the SLP that is training me.

I was thinking that I was out of luck for grad school but with being able to up my GPA to a 3.3 and gain experience in the field as SLAP, I feel a bit better about my odds. I plan to take a year off so I will apply for grad school in fall 2013 while I work for my current supervising SLP for a year of so. I found a way around the 3 rec letter requirement thanks to my current supervising SLP that I will work for by December because she is also an assistant professor on campus due to our short teaching staff in our department. As of now, I will be apply to:


-Alabama A&M University

-University of the District of Columbia

-Armstrong Atlantic State University

-Hampton University


-California State University Northridge

-Arkansas State

-Louisiana tech

-Northeastern State University (OK)

So with a better GPA, great rec letters, improved GRE (got a 1090 combined last year a shooting for a 1200 now), and a strong personal statement, I'm hoping my goals will be realized and I can become an SLP. I have also become an officer on our SLP undergrad club as well as volunteering a little at special camps.

However, with my fear of not getting in, I plan to apply to other masters programs that I like : MBA, Higher Education, Student Affairs, at the same time I apply to the schools for SLP. Is that a bad idea? I have spent a load of hours looking into other programs over a years time and have settled on those three as option 2 if option 1 fails.

What are your opinions on the SLP schools I am applying too? I have looked them all up and have chosen them for a number of reasons thanks to ASHA's edfind. What other ways besides leadership and volunteering do you suggest to help up my chances of getting into SLP grad school programs?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you already finished all of your prereqs? Are you equally interested in all of these other master's programs? Unless you have a trust fund to play around with school is very expensive and getting an MBA just because doesn't seem like the best idea. A year of experience as an SLPA would be a great benefit to your application and it would help you figure out if this is what you really want moving forward.

If being an SLP is something you want then work hard and be patient.

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I agree that working as an SLPA is a good idea to help increase your opportunities of being accepted. I am in the same boat in that I have a 3.25 Comd GPA from Utah State Univ. Since graduating, I took one class online at grad level at East Carolina in Voice Disorders and got a B. I also have retaken two courses that I got C's in and turned those into A's. This has not greatly increased my overall GPA ( I think I have a 3.34 now). I plan to retake the GRE in summer 2013 to increase my math score which is abyssmal. Also, I will take theĀ  Miller's Analogy Test sometimes in early summer 2013. I have 5 years as an SLPA and 2 as a conditionally certified SLP for a rural school district. Still have not been accepted, but I plan to keep trying to get accepted. My schools t hat i plan to apply to (all online) are:


2. Calif State Northridge

3. Univ. of Montana

4. East Carolina University

5. Idaho State Univ.

6. Northern Colorado - Greeley

7. Northern Arizona summer master's program

I too think it is best to focus on one program if you possibly can - best wishes!

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