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Planning PhD gre stats?

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I'm in the midst of applications for planning PhDs and am trying to decide whether or not to retake the GREs.

My scores were good enough to gain acceptance in a master's program, and I know that my stats were above average when compared to my cohort. But as far as I can tell, none of the schools I'm applying to this go around even mention acceptable GRE scores except Irvine. One of my schools doesn't even use the GRE in evaluating applications.

Does anyone have insight on what's considered "good" for most programs? Not applying to any of the major leaguers this go around.

v: 570, 158 (77%)

q: 670, 152 (52%)

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This is probably way too late for you, but in case someone else is in need of advice I'll post.

From my experience, GRE scores are not incredibly important to planning PhD programs.  They know that GREs are a relatively poor way of assessing probability of success.  I just got into a school where my GREs were nowhere near their minimum (my quant percentile at least is significantly lower than yours) and I made a brief mention of it in my personal statement about how I hope the rest of my materials speak to my capabilities.  I think other factors (who you know, your recs, your writing, your fit) are WAY more important.

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