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Scheduling a visit?

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I'm going to New York in a week to look at a few master's programs, and I wanted to visit one in particular that doesn't have any open houses/information sessions scheduled on their web site. I have a few basic questions:

  • Is 1/1.5 weeks too short of a notice to try to schedule a visit?
  • The contact information on the web site lists a Program Director first and an Admissions Coordinator. Should I contact the Admissions Coordinator?
  • What should I expect from the visit?
  • What are some good stock questions to ask at a visit? I'm sure many questions will naturally come up, but the web site answered my general questions pretty well and I don't want to go into a visit unprepared.

Since I would be visiting the school by myself and not through an open house, I have no idea what to expect. Do you tour the facilities, speak with professors one on one? To add to the situation, the program is in Paris, so I'm not sure which (if any) faculty members would be on the school's main campus in NYC.

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I think 1-1.5 weeks is plenty of notice. It seems short since you are traveling, but sounds right if you were down the street. I would contact the Admissions Coordinator. In my experience, that is the person who generally arranges these types of things, and if not, they can definitely direct you to the right person. When I visited my MA program, I met with the Graduate Advisor, my POI, and about three other professors in the department. Plus, the graduate assistant arranged meetings for me with two professors outside the department. If the people you will work with in Paris aren't there, you may meet with fewer people, but I would guess that there is someone at that campus who coordinates the program in Paris, so you'll probably want to meet with them. Since there is info on the website, I don't think there are standard questions you need to answer. Ask what you really want to know. If you are concerned about housing, or campus life, ask about it. Ask for a former or current student in the program with whom you can speak about their experience, preferrably one who has worked with your POI, if you have one. Good luck! A program in Paris sounds amazing. :)

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