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  1. Most of the MA students at Case Western are fully funded for both years of the program.
  2. Happy Decision Day! I'm bumping in hopes that more people will post since today is THE day for most of us.
  3. This is second-hand information from someone only mildly related to the field, but I heard that Ashley West is extremely theoretical and not very interested in objects. I don't know if that is relevant for you in any way, so feel free to completely disregard.
  4. In the two methodology classes I've taken, it's never come up. Because it's pointless. So...disagree. I hope, come Fall, that everyone's methods professors have the good sense to assign more useful exercises than that. *fingers crossed*
  5. Only male waiters? Or do waitresses/bar maids count? For male waiters, Hopper's Nighthawks is the first thing I thought of.
  6. Maybe they will be? My app still says "under review" so it's not over yet...right? Maybe?
  7. There was a PhD admit before the MAs, so I think it's done.
  8. German Quickly has been highly recommended on here. I bought it and skimmed through, so I can't definitively say it's great, but it looks pretty good. I can tell you for certain that Jannach's is not good. And I can't help with Italian or Dutch, but I'd be interested in Italian suggestions as well.
  9. What did you Google to find the percentage? And is that graduates total, or specific to the department who wait listed you? I tried a search but all I found was wait list acceptance figures for undergrads...
  10. I know you need an MA for the BGC PhD program, but I'd be happy to share any info I've picked up along the way about the program in general. Please feel free to PM me. Also, I visited UDel and the graduate students were all lovely, so maybe you could "cold email" one of them in the program if their info is on the website?
  11. Did you apply to any of these programs this cycle? It might be worth a shot to contact the DGS or your POI and ask how to improve. I know some places have a policy against discussing things like that, but if they don't, they may be able to give you some insight, and it can't hurt for them to know you are serious about improving. I don't know anything about the Winterthur program, specifically, or any of the other ones you mention, or I'd be happy to share. (I applied for the PhD program at the BGC, but I don't know what they look for in an MA candidate.)
  12. Institution Program (Season) Decision &Date St1 Date Added Notes UNC Chapel Hill Art History, Masters (F13) Rejected via E-mail on 25 Feb 2013 A 25 Feb 2013 GTH North Carolina. Based on the comments in the Forum, you accepted some real losers. Good luck with that. To this poster: Wow. Certainly all of the people on these forums know what it feels like to be rejected. It's really hard not to take it personally, no matter how many peo
  13. I know I'm a bit late on this, but I've been waitlisted as well and one of my LOR writers told me to express my interest right away. She said wait lists are sometimes ranked and sometimes not, but that they are almost always "squishy." So let them know you love them and that they are your number one choice!!! And GOOD LUCK!!!
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