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  1. Hi there, I applied to the PhD program but checked the box that allowed my application to be viewed for the Masters program as well...does anyone know when we'll be hearing back? Has anyone heard any rejections yet from Columbia?
  2. Has anyone heard about funding yet?
  3. loubun85


    I just received an email from Stanford saying that decision letters will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9am. Did anyone else receive this? The odds are low, right, that this will be good news? Ugh. Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhh.
  4. I assume they're going to write to us with funding information before expecting us to respond, right? Has anyone heard anything?
  5. loubun85


    To the Stanford admit: Congratulations!! If you don't mind me asking, were you interviewed? What is your field of interest? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know when we have to let Chapel Hill know of our decisions? I can't seem to find the info on the letter...
  7. You should try emailing the Director of Graduate Studies. Perhaps he/she will be able to tell you via email.
  8. I just got my acceptance! Lamantin, I'm planning on working with Mary Sheriff. Are you as well?
  9. Congrats to the UNC admits! If you don't mind, what are your fields of interest?
  10. Hi Criticalrace: I study 19th century French visual culture with an interest in popular portrait photography (cartes de visite). I want to approach this topic through the broader framework of gender and sexuality studies. I heard from Northwestern yesterday (Valentine's day)--it was a bummer. I think a few people were rejected yesterday, actually. Hopefully it means you're still in the running! Haven't heard from UNC yet--I think they typically let everyone know in March. I'd love to get in to UNC and Duke! We'll see. Did Duke invite you to the graduate symposium?
  11. Criticalrace: Congrats! What is your field?
  12. loubun85


    Usmivka: Southern California
  13. loubun85


    Has anyone heard a peep from USC? I turned by application in back in November...Does silence mean rejection?
  14. loubun85


    Has anyone else applied to Maryland's PhD program? I think they typically let their students know around this time...Has anyone heard from them yet?
  15. http://galleristny.com/2013/01/georg-baselitz-says-women-dont-paint-very-well/ sickening.
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