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  1. I second University of Delaware. Although I am not attending Penn State, I was accepted into its MA program with a stipend offer and tuition waiver! I visited Penn State and the faculty were lovely! The treated me very well during my visit.
  2. "I also come from an Art History family." That sounds like a dream come true! Can I please join your family!? Science and medicine people all on my dad's side... Talk about the worst support system for what I'm doing, haha.
  3. If you apply to UCLA, you do so directly to it's PhD Program which has an en-route MA. So if you are accepted, you are likely guaranteed funding for all five years or so that you spend there. As for terminal MAs, both University of Missouri-Columbia and Penn State were offering me funding. I believe Notre Dame may too but I'm not certain.
  4. I believe there are depictions of mirrors in Ancient Greek Art. I recall a few vases upon which Aphrodite is looking at herself in a hand mirror. So maybe conduct a few different searches that say something like "Aphrodite and Mirrors" or "Aphrodite, mirrors, and Ancient Greek Art".
  5. I agree that Prospectstu's comment was rather cruel, but I don't think the original question he/she posed was meant to be controversial. I think that Prospect was genuinely curious. It's so difficult to get your tone across sometimes through the computer. Nevertheless, prospect's response was uncalled for.
  6. Swagato! i'm so sorry, at first i didn't realize i was typing in your cell, and when i tried to delete my info; i accidentally got rid of yours! please forgive me!
  7. Also, what part of NR are you interested in montalcina!? Sorry that I forgot to ask!
  8. Thank you montalcina and Sogni! I am also an MA applicant, and I am particularly interested in German altarpieces and creative agency in Early Netherlandish commissioned panel paintings. Even though I plan to visit sometime this week or next, I might be accepting an offer from a Ph.D. program elsewhere, but I'm still on the rope. I've never had a more difficult decision to make. As for funding, I received a letter saying that my tuition is being waived and that I'm eligible for a Bunton-Waller Graduate Award/Assistantship. Ugh... I'm so conflicted, but fortunate nonetheless!
  9. I disagree only because the GRE passages do not permit one the time to read deeply. However, I'm biased since I did not score about an 80% or higher; I received somewhere around 60% (yikes!). What is interesting to me is that I did very well with the readings in the Princeton Review book since I had time to sit down with them, and most of my answers were correct, unfortunately I went well over the 30 minutes. While you're entitled to your opinions, I don't think I would have been accepted into any grad programs had it not been for my writing sample, SOP, LORs, and the strength of my underg
  10. Charlotte Houghton is such a sweetheart! How did transportation work out? I'm trying to figure out the best way to visit. I'm from New York, and I think they offered all accepted applicants some money to come see Penn State. Any suggestions would be helpful!
  11. Thanks, Sogni! Sorry for the late response, I've been bed-ridden recently from a bad cold, but I guess in way that is more of an excuse to go on gradcafe. I think it's great that you're going to be studying with her; Penn State's faculty is so diverse in its interests! I thought that when I was applying to schools I was going to get shut out, but I've been surprised with the responses I've been getting so far, so I have some tough decisions to make. However, if I do go to Penn State, it would be a pleasure to meet you! I'll message you my info!
  12. I am happy to announce that one of my professors at Stony Brook University, Joseph Monteyne, will be joining the UBC Art History faculty as the new Early Modern scholar. He's a fantastic teacher! I don't think I would be as overjoyed for him if I wasn't a senior. He is also very well read in the Northern Renaissance period, and has recently developed an interest in Baroque/Early Modern New Spain. Stony Brook is losing a great instructor and man!
  13. Congratulations Sogni! I am interested in studying with Charlotte Houghton there. I was so happy when I received the acceptance letter too!
  14. Thank you so much, friends! The Grad Director at Missouri asked if I will accept the nomination for MA-Level Fellowships, which of course I will! However, my only question is, that in accepting the nomination, does that mean I am also committing myself to Missouri's Art History Program, or only the Fellowship?
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