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  1. I can second this. I'm not a student at Princeton, but a friend in the department told me that both Heuer and Zchomelidse were denied tenure. This is not so much a result of a particularly dysfunctional department, but of a particularly dysfunctional relationship with the administration. In both cases the department recommended them for tenure, but they were denied by the Dean (President? or whoever makes that decision). It's a bleak time to be in the humanities...
  2. Tufts has a great placement record in PhD programs. Message me if you want to talk more.
  3. I think it is actually pretty normal to receive a phone call from your POI or DGS. (Acceptance, not rejection) At least, that has been the case for my colleagues, myself, and many people who have been on these boards in the past. IHM: I was at the dentist's office when I received the phone call from my top choice school. I recognized the area code, knew immediately what it meant, and actually ran out of the little office with the stupid bib on, blood in my mouth, etc. to answer it. Pretty epic.
  4. Pay attention to the number of women and POC in the faculty. How many are tenured? Tenure track? Assistant vs. Associate vs. Full? Females might be well represented in the grad student body of the department, but this is not necessarily true for the faculty. I have found that there are oftentimes a higher proportion of male professors and specifically a higher proportion of male senior faculty. This might give you a good temperature check of the departmental environment. I also highly recommend asking a female professor in your current department about what they have heard. I specifically did
  5. I recommend babysitting or tutoring. Often higher wages and no taxes taken out...plus the schedule is flexible and you might able to even get some work done while you're sitting.
  6. I'm glad to hear that they have restructured their financial packaging. They have such a great program; it was absurd that they didn't have a great financing plan to go with it. Thanks for the info guys.
  7. I strongly advise against planning to transfer schools before you've even started. Transferring from one program to another should only occur because of SERIOUS grievances that you possibly couldn't anticipate now (and if you could then decision made! go to the other school...) MA programs are what you make of it. In your case where you don't have a clear winner (Rutgers vs. Temple right?) there is no bad decision to be made. But in order to get the most out of what the MA program has to offer then you have to stick around to benefit from it...e.g., LoRS from professors that have known you for
  8. This is information a few years old and so could benefit some fact checking from members here who have recently dealt with the IFA PhD program. But, in any case, IFA's Art History PhD program is notorious for not having guaranteed funding (and MA is absolutely no funding). The way I understood it - first year or so (maybe two years?) PhD students will receive stipend + tuition waiver. After that, funding is competitive. That means you are competing with your cohort for $ to pay rent, etc. Eek. Like I said, this might have changed in the past few years but I have not heard otherwise. It would b
  9. Speculum, Sixteenth Century Journal, I Tatti Studies, Renaissance Quarterly - representing the other side of the temporal divide Also Imago Mundi for those interested in critical cartography
  10. Instead of applying for a poster session, I would apply to smaller regional conferences in your field or a graduate/undergraduate art history conference. A lot of deadlines will be this summer. I think you will have a better chance at having an abstract accepted and it will look a lot better on your CV. I think a poster session would be a waste of time. Unlike the sciences, scholarly presentations are the litmus test for your worth and having one under your belt will show potential departments that you will able to handle seminar presentations during coursework. Also I have been to CAA multipl
  11. ProspectStu, for someone so quick to cruelly judge others for not participating in the discussion put forth, you have not actually contributed anything substantial yourself. I actually disagree with some people here that this is nothing but semantics and I was intrigued when the topic initially popped up. However, I felt that the question was too vague to really engage with it. I think the term is problematic in many ways, for example, the types of objects it privileges, the types of (entrenched canonical) histories constructed around the term, its openness to the attachment of even vaguer ter
  12. As an early modernist my sense is that Rutgers has a better reputation. The best thing to do is contact the department and ask about later PhD placement for their MA students. I think this kind of information will be crucial in helping you make a decision.
  13. Go with the terminal MA program. It is a common complaint of MA programs with PhD students that the MA students do not get the attention or funding the PhD students do. Oftentimes the MA students are viewed as cash cows...the IFA is a notorious example. Also, since you are working on contemporary Mediterranean art it seems like an adviser who does Byzantine would not be particularly useful? You mentioned a professor at the terminal program who does Ottoman architecture...Ottoman Empire goes well into the modern...what period are they specifically interested in? It'll be important that you hav
  14. Oof! Yea if your POI is leaving from Tufts then Courtauld is obviously the better option! I didn't get that from your OP. Best of luck at Courtauld...
  15. Da Vinci Code!! *throws head back and laughs* In all seriousness: The Return of Martin Guerre, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Pollock, Fur, Basquiat, Frida, PBS's Art21 series...
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