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  1. febreze

    So...where you headed?

    Hey I sent you a message!
  2. febreze

    So...where you headed?

    Have any of you other Tufts people thought about housing yet? I've moved on from stressing out about making a decision to stressing out about finding an apartment. It's super expensive up there!!
  3. febreze

    So...where you headed?

    I decided on Tufts
  4. I'm about to decline an offer and I had a really tough time deciding. I had been in contact with faculty at the school I'm declining and in my email to them with my decision I was planning to mention where I will be studying in the hopes that they might possibly remember me later on because I want to reapply to this school for the PhD (I applied to the masters this time). I just don't know if it's appropriate to say where I'm accepting to a school I'm declining... Thanks for any thoughts about this!
  5. febreze

    Art History Language Reference Books

    Is the French for reading a good option? I need to brush up on my French before the start of fall semester...
  6. I'm sorry that this is totally off topic but I can relate to this. In a nutshell, I submitted a final draft of my UG thesis to my whole committee several days before the due date. My main advisor emailed the next morning with minor spelling/grammatical corrections. I emailed my reader to say please disregard previous email and I will send a new final draft that afternoon. Said reader replied with (exact quote) "This is fine" and her signature. That's it. Perhaps I (apparently) misunderstood but I took that to mean she was fine with what I sent and I didn't need to resend anything else. Fast forward to today when I went to get a signature on my thesis from said reader. The moment I walked in the door I was told that I would "Sit down, look her in the eyes, and listen." She proceeded to berate me for several minutes accusing me of being disorganized and then informed me that I "Can't treat people this way" and "Would never get away with this in grad school." I was so shocked and confused that this woman was yelling at me for misunderstanding her email and I have never been treated this way or spoken to this way by anyone in this academic setting. I'm still not sure what I'm "getting away with" or how I had "mistreated her." Apparently I had kept her waiting on the final draft and did not allow her two weeks to review it. Problem is she is 1) not my main advisor and NEVER gave me any sort of schedule much less a two week minimum and 2) if she was so desperate for it then why didn't she follow up and ask me why I hadn't sent it?? She said the thesis was good, writing was good, but it seems she was simply mad at me personally. Sorry for long post but I just am still shocked that someone who I had so much respect for and have been nothing but grateful and polite to would treat me as though I was one of her children who had misbehaved. I realize now that I should have just sent it anyways (even though it was nearly identical) but I honestly didn't want to bug her with another email because this is a woman who is so busy (apparently) she needs two secretaries. Anyways, sorry for posting this in a thread with a different topic but I felt I could relate because this woman was so rude and unprofessional. Just needed to vent.
  7. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    Checked the website. I'm relieved too! That was the last school I was waiting on I'm so glad this is over lol
  8. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    You never know someone may decline. Do you have any other options than Rutgers? I'm sure something will work out
  9. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    The results are on the website! UVA is a no for me but I'm so glad to finally know! And I'm so glad this is finally over!!! I'm thrilled to finally be able to accept UPenn's offer! Best of luck to everyone waiting for UVa!
  10. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    Haha I feel the same. My advisor discouraged UVA over some of the other programs I've been accepted to so I don't know if it would be the best choice for me if I get in but either way I want to know so I can decide. I've gone from hopeful to just annoyed with them. But I need to start finding an apartment and stuff in whichever city I'm going to. Like now. Is UVA your top choice, if you don't mind me asking? I wonder if anyone has heard anything or if they haven't sent out decisions yet. It just doesn't seem like a lot of people on this forum applied there. I'm debating calling or emailing them...
  11. febreze

    Northern Baroque Programs

    I just applied to programs in Northern Dutch baroque (mostly) if you want to PM me.
  12. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    No I didn't. I spoke on the phone with my potential advisor during the application process but it was by no means an interview. It would be great if they would hurry up lol
  13. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    Maybe this weekend? Who knows. I'm fairly sure where I'm going to be accepting with or without UVA but I want to know for sure.
  14. febreze

    2014 Applications... waiting room.

    What is UVA doing?! Anybody heard anything new? They are the last school I'm waiting on before I can make my decision...

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