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  1. Requiring so many!

    Thank you so much guys for your detailed responses. Maybe professors here in Egypt are not as used to LORs as professors outside. Despite of me writing all my LORs upon their request, they feel frustrated at having to log on to application systems & filling out some questions! Universities here in Egypt don't require LORs, maybe that's why they're not much comfortable with them!
  2. Hey everyone... I'm applying to so many universities abroad, so my recommenders are getting frustrated with me, because I keep asking them for a lot of recommendation letters, & they have to log into many recommendation systems! One of my most important recommenders (my former supervisor) was so fed up with me she made me take many days off from work & go to her for a whole week, & then she made her secretary finish the recommendations with me (& her secretary got fed up with me too!). I'm still having other universities to apply to. Is there a way to make the recommendations only once & submit them to all universities? Like a website or something that allows you to make recommendations only once or something...
  3. Hi guys... If they tell me there's a 3,000 characters with spaces limit to my SOP, & I upload one with 3,764 characters with spaces, would they discard it or something? I mean, is the word-limit apps put on such essays "very" rigorous?
  4. Automatic consideration?

    Thank you so much Takeruk for your very valuable response
  5. Automatic consideration?

    Hi guys... In American universities, does sending an application makes me considered for fellowships automatically, or does one have to submit additional material or requests to be considered for fellowships?
  6. PhD Duration?

    Thank you fuzzylogician for your answer. I will certainly check with the programs...
  7. PhD Duration?

    Hi guys Do you know how long it takes to complete a PhD program in the US? And in Canada? Do both have the same duration, or is one longer than the other? P.S.: I already hold a Master's in Political Science, but am still hesitant between applying to Sociology or Political Science PhD.
  8. Supervising in America

    Yes, I will try to resend my emails again. Thank you so so so much Takeruk for your very valuable advice
  9. Supervising in America

    Thank you Takeruk again so much If professors don't answer me about the possibility of co-supervision from another department, like you said, I'd just move on & apply anyway. But the problem is with the non-responsiveness of the department staff or director themselves, when I ask them about the possibility of co-supervision from another department. And although I can pass that, it's hard for me to pass needing to know from them if they currently offer any assistantship vacancies!!! This info is usually not available in the website of the department, & even more so, the website usually says "contact the department to know of any available assistantship positions". Knowing such info is very crucial for me, because I wouldn't want to waste time applying to a university/department where I wouldn't be able to fully cover my expenses through assistantship!!!
  10. Supervising in America

    Thank you so much Takeruk for your detailed & comprehensive answer. I'm so much grateful for you I would like to ask you also, if possible, about contacting US universities. While contacting departments & offices in US universities (through email of course) they rarely ever answer me!!! I mean I understand when a very few professors answer me, because they're usually busy, but I don't understand why communication administrators in universities don't answer!!! I rarely get the chance to be responded to from universities when I inquire about this issue (or any other issue, for that matter)! How could you deal with this lack of communication to know what you need to know?!
  11. Hi everyone... While searching for universities to apply to, I generally search professors publications through google scholar & then check which universities they are in to apply to. As I'm not familiar with supervising conditions for PhD programs in America, I'd like to ask a few questions about advisers: 1) If I apply to a certain departmental PhD programs, if I'm not able to have my supervisor from another department, is it at least easy to get a co-supervisor from another department? 2) Are "emeritus" professors eligible to supervise?
  12. Supervisor or Program?!

    Thank you Kita & GreenEyedTrombonist :-) Your advice are very valuable. Yes, I have to ask the program if it is possible to seek an advisor with similar research interests from another faculty. Besides, contacting the advisor himself, of course, & hoping he might provide me with more detailed information about whether it's a waste of time to apply to the program where he's appointed or not...
  13. Hey everybody,,, While searching for universities & PhD programs to apply to - I search 1st for professors & then check up their universities -; I found a professor whose really like my dream supervisors, because his interests & papers exactly match the topic I want to research (which is interdisciplinary & I find very few professors with similar interests! ). But the university only offers PhD programs in specializations not much relevant to what I want (family science & human development, counseling, teacher education & development) - while I want to specialize in big history & cliodynamics, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, human evolution... So what's more important the supervisor or the program I apply to?!!
  14. Choosing PhD Topic

    Thank you green eyed trombonist for your valuable advice I will sure look into your perspective while searching for programs. I'm now inclined to search & apply to both kinds of programs, & whatever comes to me is good.
  15. Choosing PhD Topic

    Thank you hj for your important advice & recommendations to me... Yes, indeed I realize the immense difficulty in the two projects I want to work with. So I will try as much as I can to find ways to tailor my application papers to the programs' needs, as well as search for most relevant programs (if I don't get accepted to the directly-related programs). I will seek to also email professors & programs' managers to ask them how likely I may get accepted with my background. I didn't mention that my Master's research was on "political cultural change", so wanting to complete my PhD within cultural values, albeit intersecting with other disciplines (e.g. psychology, evolution theory), & using other different methodologies to expand my experiences, is not very irrelevant to my background. I will also try to focus on multi- or inter-disciplinary PhD programs that may have bigger flexibility in approving candidates from different backgrounds! About the children's project (studying their value formation), I already put in my proposal that I'd do it in Iraq, with refugee children there. But I have to add that I'm flexible, 'cause they may have no travel funding, so I can do it with groups of children where the PhD program is. Or do you think this is also not feasible? As for applying for Big History, Evolution Theory, World Systems Theory (as you appreciatedly recommended), Cliodynamics, etc., I realize it's a new emerging field. But I'm getting opposite advice in that, some say because of this, it would be un-realistic & very hard to find a fully-funded PhD program for; while others say that this is actually a good thing, because getting a PhD & specializing in a new field that not many people specialize in, would benefit my future career & research so much! Of course, while searching for programs, I don't limit myself to America only, because I realize that finding a fully-funded PhD abroad is difficult, so I'm expanding the net that I cast: I search for programs all over the world, so as not to limit my chances...