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  1. nushi

    Rent or Wait?!!

    Thank you guys for your replies ? Well, most leases are 12-month, or at least 6-month periods. Anyway, I think it's better to go ahead & rent anyway, & if I'm not satisfied, I may change the place next year...
  2. nushi

    Rent or Wait?!!

    Hello everyone. I'm from Egypt, & I'm moving into Carbondale, Illinois next August to start my PhD. I'd like to ask as an international student who can't come to Carbondale until early August, would it be preferable to me to stay temporarily in the first days with someone or in a hostel while I look over studio/1-bed apartments on reality to decide which to rent (so I don't get stuck in something that turns to be bad) OR is it better that I just finish things online before I come & just go ahead & rent online so that when I come I don't find that all the good deals have been taken already?
  3. nushi


    Thank you anyway ?
  4. nushi


    Hey everyone ? I would like to ask about the Sociology Department for PhD in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale? What is its ranking among sociology departments in the world & in America? What is its experience? How well does it stand? Does anyone know?
  5. nushi

    Leaving One for Another?

    Thank you so much @rising_star for your very helpful responses ?
  6. nushi

    Leaving One for Another?

    Thank you so much @rising_star for your very helpful advice ?You're truly helpful... According to Shanghai World Universities Ranking, in the field of "Sociology" neither of the two universities in the US nor Egypt are ranked. Do you know how I could know what's the rank of the Sociology Department of the US university I got accepted in compared to other programs in the field? And how can I know where its PhD graduates are employed? I'm sorry to ask these questions, it's just that I'm very new to this. I've never applied to any universities abroad (outside Egypt) before. I'm certainly interested in getting a tenure / academic faculty position in universities in the US, Canada, or anywhere in the world.
  7. nushi

    Leaving One for Another?

    I forgot to ask... Is it possible to defer an offer to another year after I already accepted it?
  8. nushi

    Leaving One for Another?

    Thank you all for your informative & helpful replies ? Well, yes, you make a good point @AP that I could apply for post-doc in that Australian institute. The thing that's not making me very enthusiastic about the US university I was accepted in, is that it's ranked lower (according to Shanghai world universities ranking) than my university in Egypt. But then again, gaining a new experience in a different country, & a different educational environment is perhaps more important than universities' ranking, don't you think? I'm not very enthusiastic about postponing my options for another year, as I may not get accepted into any university next year, & I'm not comfortable about spending all the US $ again for application fees. Besides, I'm already 32 yo, & I've postponed my PhD for 2 years already to find programs outside Egypt & take the required exams. What do you think? Thank you all for your advice...
  9. In my opinion, although the classic campus feel is indeed an important factor, because it may be a psychological happiness booster, I think in your place I will make use of the option that I have right now, which is the university you got accepted in. You're not sure whether you may be accepted in the classic-camp university next year, & even more than that, there MA program is unaccredited, so why bother study & tire yourself in the program, when at the end your certificate will not be recognized?!! There's a saying that says, holding a single bird in your hand is better than looking at ten birds up in the tree (which means that it's better that you make use of the opportunity you have right now, even if it's less attractive than an opportunity that you hope you may get in the future). And besides, I agree with fuzzylogician, you don't have to spend all your time in the library or lounge. You could ask officials in the classic-camp university if it's possible you could use their library & spaces, even if for a small fee, without being a student there. And anyway, this is just an MA - just two years at most, so the campus feel would not be a huge issue for this limited time of study. And you may apply for the other university for PhD - which consists of a much longer period.
  10. Hey everyone ? I'm an international student who has been accepted in a university in the US (PhD program) with a fellowship for the first year, & then an assistantship. I'm considering also application for a scholarship in an Australian university this July, which has a research center that I'm highly interested in. However, the results of Australian apps only appear in the start of the American academic year, whence I will probably have started my PhD in the American university. I'm asking if it would be possible, or bad to leave that American university (after I started there, with a fellowship) if I get accepted in the Australian program that I prefer? I highly need your advice, please, because I'm very confused. Have anyone passed through a similar experience before?
  11. Hello everyone,,, Now I got accepted with an assistantship offer into a university in America. Still, this university is not my favorite option. So, I'm thinking about also applying to the Japanese government scholarship (next May), & to an Australian university that has a research center which I'm highly interested in its research (next July). But since I can't guarantee that I'll get accepted into any of these two scholarships, & I don't want to waste a year of my life, so I will meanwhile go to the American university, & start to prepare to travel there. & the results of the two Japanese & Australian scholarships appear after the start of the academic year in America! However I I'd like your opinion about whether to go ahead & apply also to those two scholarships, especially two questions: 1) While starting my academic year in the American university, if I find out that I got accepted in the Japanese or Australian scholarship, is it possible to leave that university to go to the other one in either Japan or Australia? 2) Is it possible to do the visa procedures for traveling to Japan or Australia inside the US, although I'm Egyptian & not American?
  12. Well, as Warelin said, it's better we don't accept the offer until April 15th, so we could wait till the very end to see if our wait-listed situation hopefully turns into an acceptance, & not getting into trouble rejecting the other university after we chose to accept their offer! The problem is that our wait-listed position gets an acceptance AFTER April 15th, when we had to accept the other offer right before it! Hope everything goes well with us
  13. Thank you Warelin so much for your detailed explanation
  14. Hi everyone,,, I got accepted only in two of the universities I applied to, but got a waiting list in another two that I prefer. However, I know that I got April 15th as a deadline to accept or reject offers. So what if I accept the offer of one university, but then after April 15th (when perhaps someone rejects their offer in one of the universities I got a waiting list for), I get an offer from that university. What would I do? Is it possible for me to decline from the first university I accepted its offer before April 15th & accept the offer of my preferred one (the one that gave me an offer after April 15th, because I'm on a waiting list)? Another question is that, one of the two universities that accepted me, put me on a waiting list for its teaching assistantships (I wouldn't be able to afford studying without an assistantship). So should I accept the offer, & wait until April 15th when perhaps someone else would reject their offer of an assistantship? Is it possible that I accept the offer of the two universities (one I got an assistantship, & one I got wait-listed for an assistantship) so I wouldn't lose any of them before the deadline of April 15th? Oh my God, what a mess!!! I'm so depressed for not getting offered in my preferred university!
  15. nushi

    Requiring so many!

    Thank you Rising_star & Takeruk. Yeah, I know about similar groups in my field, but I hadn't got the idea of subscribing to their email lists to get PhD vacancies & such. Thanks for getting the idea into me

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