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  1. Hi everyone,,, I got accepted only in two of the universities I applied to, but got a waiting list in another two that I prefer. However, I know that I got April 15th as a deadline to accept or reject offers. So what if I accept the offer of one university, but then after April 15th (when perhaps someone rejects their offer in one of the universities I got a waiting list for), I get an offer from that university. What would I do? Is it possible for me to decline from the first university I accepted its offer before April 15th & accept the offer of my preferred one (the one that gave me an offer after April 15th, because I'm on a waiting list)? Another question is that, one of the two universities that accepted me, put me on a waiting list for its teaching assistantships (I wouldn't be able to afford studying without an assistantship). So should I accept the offer, & wait until April 15th when perhaps someone else would reject their offer of an assistantship? Is it possible that I accept the offer of the two universities (one I got an assistantship, & one I got wait-listed for an assistantship) so I wouldn't lose any of them before the deadline of April 15th? Oh my God, what a mess!!! I'm so depressed for not getting offered in my preferred university!
  2. Requiring so many!

    Thank you Rising_star & Takeruk. Yeah, I know about similar groups in my field, but I hadn't got the idea of subscribing to their email lists to get PhD vacancies & such. Thanks for getting the idea into me
  3. Requiring so many!

    Thank you Green_eyed_trombonist. I hope everything goes well with you. For me, it's going to be the difficulty of adapting to an absolutely different culture half-way across planet Earth. Hope it may be a great adventure for us all, *hugs* That's very interesting Rising_star. Where can I find those email lists? Or do you mean email lists of universities?
  4. Requiring so many!

    I forgot to mention also, thank you very much Takeruk for your explanation on the difference in importance of each element of the application, & its evaluation as a totality. This makes sense a lot, & it's a very valuable explanation. Thank you so much.
  5. Requiring so many!

    Thank you so much Takeruk & Rising_star for your supporting posts. Even though I finished 5 applications to universities in the US, I'm still searching now for other open scholarships & PhD vacancies in Europe to open up more chances (although many require a PhD plan which I didn't get the chance to prepare yet, because I was studying GRE!). Reading how you traveled to take tests, & took part-time jobs & all that, makes my efforts seem small. The process of applications seem very tiring & financially burdensome indeed also for local citizens. I guess the only difference between us is the norm or culture around us. For you, this is the ordinary procedures to be taken for applying to post-graduate studies. All students around you wanting to complete their studies do the same. But for me here, I'm an anomaly. Everyone around me just apply to the same university they graduated from (which requires no more than registration & signing some papers - Egyptian universities require no tests, no LORs, no essays, & tuition fees are very low). I'm the only one around who just decided to continue studying abroad, despite the huge risks, & having no previous experience in doing this. So, despite my family's objection, & no support from co-workers, I'm taking the path less traveled by people around me here, & I'm taking it all alone! But I'm thankful for the internet, & this forum, they helped me a lot in the process of studying for the tests & doing the applications. If I get accepted into one, it still remains to be seen how I'm going to be able to live all alone in a foreign country doing PhD. But it's an adventure worth experiencing & learning.
  6. Requiring so many!

    Thank you everyone & Takeruk for your support. I'm sorry if I got a bit angry & stressed in my previous post. I'm suffering now from depression after applications. I was only able to afford applying to 5 universities (GRE test + TOEFL iBT test + sending both exams scores + 5 application fees with some being raised higher for international applicants for evaluating their certificates). I had to take money from my mother, & my mother is very angry at me & stressing me out. I also find in all your signatures that most of you have applied to 10-15 universities, & I applied to 5, 'cause I couldn't afford more, so I feel so lame & disheartened, & I feel like I have risked one year of my life (studying TOEFL & GRE) & 20,000 Egyptian Pounds (which is an unbelievable financial amount) in nothing! Admission committees in North America, for the sake of fairness between all applicants, should not give much weight for LOR's submitted by international applicants. This is very obvious, because there's a huge difference between professors submitting LORs in North America & those in other countries (or at least here in Egypt). It's obvious that submitting LORs is part of a professor's job in North America, but it's not here. So a professor here doesn't give importance, & more so, consider it an unnecessary burden, to prepare a LOR for a student, however good that student is. They don't even know how to write in a LOR in our Arabic language, let alone in English. One professor, who really likes me, asked me to sit beside him at his laptop and do the recommendation submissions for him (for my own applications) because he's not used to them & he doesn't know how to do them. Another professor, whose also not used to them, let her secretary finish them with me, but it she was fed up with me because we had to log on to 5 applications. I had to go to that professor everyday for a whole week, & take days off from work, that at the end of the week I broke out & cried from stress! I realize that the money must be also burdensome for many Americans and Canadians as well. I also realize that all universities are funded by governments and businesses, so they only serve the interests of those elites. I realize that a lot of things in the world are unfair, & that's what made me grow interested in political science from my undergraduate studies. I hope that I can do something to make life better for disadvantaged people all over the world - which I believe is the majority of the world population -, & I know this sounds dreamy & idealistic, but I think this is what drives us really to learn & study more, hoping that one day, with our knowledge, we may improve peoples' lives.
  7. Requiring so many!

    Why would you think Takeruk that we're not doing our best to accommodate ourselves to the academic culture we're applying to? And we spend more effort for this than you do as well! We study your language, take your language exams that are required, pay money that is much beyond our financial ability (an American or Canadian student doesn't have much of a problem paying for GRE exam in US dollars, but for us with the exchange rate differences it's financially breaking!). We write all the essays required of us, but I can't force "another person" to adopt a different culture for my own benefit. I can't go to my professor & ask her to feel convenient with LOR's because I'm the one who needs to study abroad, however good my relationship with her is, this is too much to ask from my professors, to change her own culture & what is convenient for her, for my benefit! It's hard for you living in America or Canada to understand this, because this is much easier for you. But at least you should consider how it is different & more difficult for others in other countries, not everyone is like you, & not everyone is in your same convenient situation & culture. I understand why universities prefer to admit local students. But to talk about justice, this is not fair for people in underdeveloped & developing countries. Many of the developing countries have colonized our countries for centuries, stole our resources, & continue crushing us economically through their policies, wars, & international economic regulations. Our economic, technological, and scientific hardships are in large part caused by developed countries' governments - so, if we want to speak really fair, a large number of scholarships should be provided for students from developing countries, & the difficulty of attaining such things as LORs in the midst of professors who are not used to providing them should be considered. In order to really talk about fairness, one should look at the issue from its bigger picture, from all the different sides, not only from one's narrow space or comfort zone.
  8. Requiring so many!

    I never said that US universities should stop using LOR's or not giving them a high value. I was just wondering if there's a system online that could combine LOR's for several universities in one time! I don't know from where did you get that I'm asking for this! All in all, to be fair, admissions committee should not give much value to LOR's of international applicants, or at least consider how the situation is different for us, & that if it's evident that the student was the one who wrote the letters, they shouldn't underestimate the student, because requiring LOR's in other countries is different from the way it is known in the US.
  9. Requiring so many!

    It sounds from your replies that LOR's are like a culture in the US. But the situation is not the same outside, & I'm talking specifically about mine in Egypt. There are a lot of problems here concerning LOR's. First, this requirement is not made for universities inside Egypt, only those who have to apply to universities abroad ask professors for such LOR's, so professors are not used to it, & they don't usually know how to write them, let alone to write them in English. All the professors I asked for LOR's asked me to write them myself, not because they don't know me well, on the contrary, I have a very good relationship with two of them, & they constantly tell me that my thesis was one of the best thesis they ever supervised. But they're just not knowledgeable about LOR's. Additionally, I realize the importance of LOR's for showing how active the student is in many projects & all. But that is not readily available to students in many universities around the world. For ex., all of my three recommenders had taught me in my undergraduate years, but they can't remember that, because that has been 10 years ago, & classes consisted of over 50 students. I was very keen on sitting up-front & making myself recognized by the professor through questions & discussions, but this is not enough for them to remember. And there were no other personal activities to make a direct relationship between the professor & student. If I were appointed in the university, perhaps it would have been easier for me to be recognized by taking part in research projects & activities. But I work outside the university, so I haven't got the chance to take part in these. The academic culture is not the same everywhere in the world, sadly, that's why LOR's are more difficult for people from countries where they're not well-known.
  10. Requiring so many!

    Thank you so much guys for your detailed responses. Maybe professors here in Egypt are not as used to LORs as professors outside. Despite of me writing all my LORs upon their request, they feel frustrated at having to log on to application systems & filling out some questions! Universities here in Egypt don't require LORs, maybe that's why they're not much comfortable with them!
  11. Hey everyone... I'm applying to so many universities abroad, so my recommenders are getting frustrated with me, because I keep asking them for a lot of recommendation letters, & they have to log into many recommendation systems! One of my most important recommenders (my former supervisor) was so fed up with me she made me take many days off from work & go to her for a whole week, & then she made her secretary finish the recommendations with me (& her secretary got fed up with me too!). I'm still having other universities to apply to. Is there a way to make the recommendations only once & submit them to all universities? Like a website or something that allows you to make recommendations only once or something...
  12. Hi guys... If they tell me there's a 3,000 characters with spaces limit to my SOP, & I upload one with 3,764 characters with spaces, would they discard it or something? I mean, is the word-limit apps put on such essays "very" rigorous?
  13. Automatic consideration?

    Thank you so much Takeruk for your very valuable response
  14. Automatic consideration?

    Hi guys... In American universities, does sending an application makes me considered for fellowships automatically, or does one have to submit additional material or requests to be considered for fellowships?
  15. PhD Duration?

    Thank you fuzzylogician for your answer. I will certainly check with the programs...