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  1. Thank you Guacemole :-) Yes, I figured this out. We only have the chance of assistantships, fellowships, and campus jobs.
  2. Thank you for your response ternwild ? I will put this in consideration...
  3. Thank you Moods for your helpful response. More likely, I may go visit there if I get accepted, I don't know. The bust ticket back & forth is about 130$, & that's too much to spend, especially if I end up not being accepted. I don't know. I'm already studying in another university, & am applying to transfer, because that other university has a research center specialized in a field I'm highly interested in.
  4. hey guys ? One university I applied to, sent me saying that they found merit in my application, & invite me to take a tour in their university during their Graduate Showcase event, to get to know the program better, & they can interview me too. They say if I can't make it, I should email them to find another way for an interview. Honestly, the trip would be expensive, I can afford it, but it wouldn't be that much convenient. So, I prefer video-conferencing for an interview. But I want to ask, would skipping the visit & suggesting video-conference for interview, would
  5. hey everyone... ? I'm presently studying as an international student in my first year PhD in america... i'm considering to transfer to another university, so i'm seeking your advice... the university i'm in right now provides me with a first year fellowship & then an assistantship... however, professors here don't do research in the field that i want to do my dissertation in... & furthermore, the one professor here who's the closest to the line of research i want to do, turned out to be very "dictational", & is not open to the student synthesizing ideas & providing cr
  6. thank you so much dear warelin ? yeah, that makes sense... anyway, i just found that they "strongly encourage" international students to make/send evaluations of their sent transcripts! & this costs so much... so i decided not to apply there, 'cause all the odds for me to be accepted in JHU are against me (low acceptance rate - only one professor there doing the research i want, & she didn't respond to me)!!!
  7. oh, thank you warelin ? i see... actually, this is referenced in the sociology department's application & admission for graduate studies, here: https://soc.jhu.edu/graduate/admissions/ specifically in the second paragraph of the tuition & financial aid section: Unfortunately, though, our financial support does not cover some expenses that a student may incur upon their arrival, including rent and other living expenses until they receive their first paycheck. Additionally, international students are ineligible for federal financial aid. i got confused too when i read
  8. hey mementobr ? first of all, it seems to me that your qualifications, especially having publications (which is rare for those who didn't get a phd yet!), & your professional experience, make you an excellent candidate for phd... second, i sincerely encourage you to apply for computer science, if that's what your heart/mind has grown to be interested in... we don't have to stick our whole life to one specialization... instead we have to be flexible & move from one specialization to another, according to what our experiences in life are directing us toward, to become expanded
  9. Hello everyone ? While looking into universities for the specialization i want to apply for, i found johns hopkins university (although really tough to get accepted in!!!) having it... but the i found that the department, after mentioning that it offers graduate assistantship & health insurance & such to all its matriculated students, it says that international students however are not eligible for federal financial aid! ? does that mean that an international student is not offered an assistantship, covering their tuition fees & provided with a living-expenses stipen
  10. I no longer prefer this, as I found that the research center I'm interested in, in Australia, don't have many professors interested in my topic.
  11. Thank you guys for your replies ? Well, most leases are 12-month, or at least 6-month periods. Anyway, I think it's better to go ahead & rent anyway, & if I'm not satisfied, I may change the place next year...
  12. Hello everyone. I'm from Egypt, & I'm moving into Carbondale, Illinois next August to start my PhD. I'd like to ask as an international student who can't come to Carbondale until early August, would it be preferable to me to stay temporarily in the first days with someone or in a hostel while I look over studio/1-bed apartments on reality to decide which to rent (so I don't get stuck in something that turns to be bad) OR is it better that I just finish things online before I come & just go ahead & rent online so that when I come I don't find that all the good deals have b
  13. nushi


    Thank you anyway ?
  14. nushi


    Hey everyone ? I would like to ask about the Sociology Department for PhD in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale? What is its ranking among sociology departments in the world & in America? What is its experience? How well does it stand? Does anyone know?
  15. Thank you so much @rising_star for your very helpful responses ?
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