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  1. Hi Adelaide, I am an international student pursuing my PhD in Social Work in the US. I got into two programs, one provided me with a stipend and tuition remission for five years. And the other provided me with tuition remission and stipend for three years. I took up the second offer and am in my fourth year. This year (my 4th year) I secured a fellowship and the school gave me a tuition assistance award that provided tuition remission and health insurance. I am also teaching since last summer. So, funding is totally available in the US for international students. It is just competitive s
  2. I did not get off the waitlist for AAUW's International Fellowship. Their initial email had stated that if you do not hear from them until 30 September you should assume you did not get it.
  3. Just got an email letting me know that I am alternate for the international doctoral fellowship from AAUW which basically means you wait until 30 September to know if you get funding if additional spots open up. I saw an old thread where someone on gradcafe was an alternate but there was no update later. Anyone else out there who was an alternate and can give any information on this process? I will update this thread with the outcome if I ever hear back from them. They also mention they do not disclose the order of rankings of alternates so no helpful information is going to come from them!
  4. I got the Margaret McNamara Educational Grant. The board called me on March 23 to inform me via telephone and then I got the formal letter on 3 April. Putting it out there for other international students who need to apply for Phd funding.
  5. Hi there, ANyone else applied for either the AAUW international fellowship or the Margaret McNamara Fellowship and heard back from them yet? I am anxiously waiting for the results. Going a bit crazy ;(
  6. Rutgers has made their decisions....for the entire cohort......you should contact the department...Donna I believe is the PhD program assistant.
  7. somerset

    Buffalo, NY

    PhD in Social Welfare....I dont want to spend more than 400 USD on rent....since I want to travel a lot...
  8. Being put on a waitlist and then being told we are trying to get more money into the department and then disappearing...not answering any emails! frustrating!!!!!
  9. I wish I had such an email! Lots of schools seem to work around the April 15 agreement. If you have accepted another school's offer and you get an offer after 15 April if the first school you accepted does not have a problem you can switch schools! And I dont think schools would want someone who wants to go elsewhere....plus funding seems to be a real issue this year!
  10. somerset

    Buffalo, NY

    Hey I need a place in Buffalo too! Any tips? I reach August 15th....I really I hope I find a place real quick...Im leaning towards amherst...since most classes for me will be there
  11. I would say that you should not email them before the 15th. You dont want to be too pushy either, that might not work for you. By the 15th if you have not heard from your future advisor you at least have a ground to email legitimately! In my own situation I have decided not to email the DGS again since she wrote to me the last time saying that she will keep me posted. I dont want to push too much. Besides I think my chances are over. Wait till the 15th at the very least. Unless there is a job or another offer that is getting jeopardized in this process.
  12. Still no new about my status either-DGS said she would keep me posted! This wait is just toooooo much!
  13. this is my second attempt....i am an international student....first time i applied to programs in sociology without having ever taken a socio course in my life....applied to 5 places..got rejected everywhere...this time i applied to social work which is what i did for my MA and have 3 years research exp...i had applied to 4 places and really wanted to get into only one...my dream school waitlisted me....then interviewed me via skype a week before april 15 and then said that they may have a spot...but a week later told me that there was no spot since no one declined and that they were trying to
  14. My DGS has stopped responding to the emails I have sent about the status of my waiting list. Obviously that hints towards a rejection but I wish now she would just tell me!
  15. I dont know right now if i will fee better if i get a rejection. its like the last straw, rationally i know it is a rejection since I have not heard back from the school but i still want to hold on to the hope
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