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AAuw or Margaret McNamara Fellowship


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Hi there, 

ANyone else applied for either the AAUW international fellowship or the Margaret McNamara Fellowship and heard back from them yet? I am anxiously waiting for the results. Going a bit crazy ;(

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I got the Margaret McNamara Educational Grant. The board called me on March 23 to inform me via telephone and then I got the formal letter on 3 April. Putting it out there for other international students who need to apply for Phd funding. 

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Just got an email letting me know that I am alternate for the international doctoral fellowship from AAUW which basically means you wait until 30 September to know if you get funding if additional spots open up. I saw an old thread where someone on gradcafe was an alternate but there was no update later. Anyone else out there who was an alternate and can give any information on this process? I will update this thread with the outcome if I ever hear back from them. They also mention they do not disclose the order of rankings of alternates so no helpful information is going to come from them! 


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