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PhD in Physics

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Hello there,

This is my first post in this forum. I am looking for a phd in Physics for the next year and i would like to ask some questions. I know exactly in what area i want to work, so i have started to search for professors in this field and sending them emails for asking for a position. The thing is that I don't know if i have a possibility to get into a phd based on the competitiveness. I'm searching for universities mostly in Europe countries, like UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden etc. I have a bachelor degree with 1st (actually i am at the top 3% of students) from an Czech University and i am at the end of my master degree. My graduate studies have not gone very well, I am at the third year, writing my dissertation and my GPA is 2:1. Do you thing that I have any possibilities for a funding phd ? Also, I have a problem with the IELTS test because my English level is not too good. So how much time do you thing that I have to be prepared for it ?

Thanks, Lyremy

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PhD programs at non-university research institutions (in cooperation with the local universities) are usually extremely competitive, especially at Max Planck Society, but they are all humans and you can try, it depends on so many factors, you already have the most important key-feature, you know your preferred specialization, though, often it comes totally different in the end, you know. ;-) I have never heard of a student who got accept and ran into financial trouble.









greets from your neighbors.

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