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MFA Programs in the Middle East


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I am about a year and a half away from graduating with my BFA in Photography and Metals/Jewelry and am already freaking out about where to go for my MFA for either concentration, I haven't decided yet. I'm from Kentucky and I go to a small school, so I'd really like to avoid big cities at all costs. I mainly work in the darkroom with 35mm and medium format film as well as make small jewelry pieces both from sheet metal and casting. Are there any decent schools with either program in the surrounding states that are small enough for me?

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This thread is a perfect example of why it is important for everyone to learn to write clearly.

Do you not realize that in your topic you asked about programs in the "Middle East?" That would be Israel, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

I think you want to know about the "Midwest" and "Mid-South".

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I know a bunch of US colleges are opening branches in Qatar and Abu Dhabi?

Just kidding. I know East Carolina University has an excellent MFA metals program because I went there for undergrad (but not for metals). UNC has a good photo program, and they still have a color processor!

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