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Guest lefilsdhomme

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Guest lefilsdhomme

Is it a mistake to mention (in your SOP) your desire to learn a rather obscure language (Haitian Creole) that you think will be critical for your research? I feel that because it is not a common language I should mention it somewhere...

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My $.02 here, but I would guess that you should mention it under the following circumstances:

1) Your program has a language requirement that you don't yet meet


2) You have a specific, realistic plan for acquiring the language while completing the degree at-hand


3) You can explain clearly and succinctly in the SOP why it's critical. Or, perhaps better, your proposal itself obviously and apparently demands a knowledge of Haitian Creole.

It seems you'd want to ensure you appear ambitious and come with a plan, rather than the vague "I want to..." (but don't really have any idea what the execution actually looks like).

I'm just an applicant, too, and I 'm not in your field, so again, take it with the necessary grain of salt.


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I would mention it. BUT, you are also going to have to outline a plan for how you will acquire the necessary proficiency in the language, particularly since it's uncommon and might not be taught at the schools you're applying to. You could state your intention to enroll in FIU's summer program for Haitian Creole, for instance, or explain that you will connect with some native speakers on campus (name them) who will work with you independently to learn the language.

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