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Applying to multiple disciplines


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I am interested in doing a phd with my research focusing on education issues with refugees. I'd prefer to stay within a few hours of the DC area, so my options are limited. Some schools have fairly weak ed programs or no doctoral level ed programs at all, but have programs in other departments (anthro, international studies, sociology) with professors who do work on education issues. Does anyone have experience going this route? Also, if I apply to programs in different areas of the social sciences, will I appear unfocused? If I pick a single department per school, will the schools even know?

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I dont' really know, so I'm just guessing here. At my school many of the education faculty have dual appointments with other departments (psych, African American Studies, Urban Studies, maybe some others) and actually spend more time in the offices of their other departments, yet the seem well respected within the ed dept. I don't know what their degrees were in... hm, that could be something to compare. Education has become so interdiciplinary, that it doesn't seem that strange to me.

Good luck!

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