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Univ. Central Florida SLP applicants-- how long?


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For those of you that applied to the summer or fall semesters for the UCF Speech-Language Pathology program, about how long did it take for you to receive an answer? It doesn't state whether or not they operate on a rolling admissions basis and I've submitted my materials SUPER early for the summer deadline. Just wondering if I should even bother checking my status or not!

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Do they admit a spring/winter class? If they do, I would say don't bother. Although, one school I applied to my first go around admitted me for a semester earlier than I applied (I applied for Fall, they admitted me for summer). If you absolutely just can't take it anymore I would call an admissions assistant and tell them that you didn't see any info on the website and were just curious as to how it worked. That way you don't look impatient.

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