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BA in Sociology applying for an MS?


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I am a recent graduate with a degree in Sociology, looking to apply for an MS, and was wondering if anyone has been in the same boat? My minor was in environmental studies and so I've taken various courses in different science departments, and I'm looking to apply to Environmental Conservation/Natural Resources programs for Fall 2013.

I'm at the stage now where I need to contact professors- the only problem is, a lot of advice on here says to bring up your own research when contacting potential advisors, but I don't have any independent science research experience. I've done extensive sociological research papers where I focused on environmental issues, but not from a scientific approach. I have about a year of animal husbandry experience at an aquarium and with research animals, but it doesn't really relate to any of the work the professors I'm interested in have done. Any advice on this?

Second question: when getting references, does it matter what field they are in? I worked closely with two professors on sociological/environmental research papers but on topics not directly related to what I'm pursuing. I also was close to a creative writing professor, but would asking her for a recommendation be a completely terrible idea? Do I need a science specific recommendation?

Thank you so much!

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