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TOEFL/GRE Requirements

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I am an international applicant who is interested in applying to the Stat Phd programme at Ohio State(Fall 2013). The departmental minimum on the TOEFL happens to be 100 but there is a mention in their webpage that they look for candidates with scores much higher than this minimum while making financial aid offers. I have a 101 and does this mean that I will not stand a chance for financial support even if I am admitted ?

They have also mentioned that the average over the GRE Verbal and Quant percentiles is more than 75 for most successful applicants. My average over the GRE quant and verbal percentiles falls a bit short of 75(~73 and this was mainly because of my verbal score -152).

Given that my application looks pretty ok on all other aspects like grades,LOR's etc..., how badly can these scores(GRE/TOEFL) affect my chances ?

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I would guess that if you are above the minimum score (especially 100, which is actually a decent score), your TOEFL should not greatly affect your chance of financial aid. Most stat and biostat departments don't care much about your GRE verbal score, so if that's bringing down your total GRE score I wouldn't worry about it.

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