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Conference Abstract and CV

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Hi everyone, I am hoping to apply to a conference, but my CV is very empty.

  1. I have written a couple of articles for a popular magazine, and they are related to the conference I am hoping to submit an application -- Would it be okay to include these in the CV?

  2. What is the preferred format for an abstract? PDF, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, with my name and date in the header or footer? No instructions have been given in the CFP.

  3. Can you cite references in an abstract? I have one. Would I then need to have a references page?


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What kind of conference are you applying to? In my field the review process is blind, so you don't submit a CV or any other detail that could identify you as the author of your abstract. Conferences usually have very specific instructions for their abstract in terms of length, fonts, margins, etc. Look at the call for papers. As for references, you can always give citations, I've never heard of a conference forbidding references in an abstract.

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Then use 12pt standard font; you can do "select references" if the references are part of the word count or give abbreviations. If it's around 500-750 words, try and keep it on one page and use standard 1 inch margins.

ETA: those are the standards in fields I know .. if they are different in your field, use whatever is standard there.

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