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MS in UK - good or bad?

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I'm wondering if it is worth it do a MS or even a PhD in Europe. I'm looking specifically at Sheffield University in the UK since they offer a great MS program for the kind of research I'm interested in (computational cognitive sci). I also like the fact that tuition is a fraction of the cost of any US MS program and the free health care for international students the UK provides. Considering I do well in the program, will grades be looked at in the same way as if I were coming from a MS program in the US? Will grad schools look at my MS as less equal to that of a US institution because I choose a cheaper alternative that was not in the US? I figure any program that you liked and did well in would count for you, but I'm thinking that politics/business may get in the way if you're coming from an international school. I'm also looking at and applying to some MS programs in the US (mainly in computer science) but so far the program that best fits my interest in the UK.

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I am wondering the same. I am thinking about going to London School of Economics to study a PhD in Information Systems, but the program is structured so different from programs here, I am beginning to think that it's a different world over there and that I am better-off staying here. I am not smart enough to get in Harvard, but maybe NYU or Michigan.

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This country has some really significant internal problems with immigration. On top of that the education is really expensive for overseas students.


I have no idea why a North American would want to study in Europe. It's on an entirely different level ( and not in the good way ). 

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? The UK has some great masters programs. Unlike (the majority) of US masters programmes, they can be used as a stepping stone into a PhD in the UK or US, at a fraction of the cost. Part 3 in maths at Cambridge is very popular for those looking to go into a PhD afterwards, the same in the advanced computer science MPhil. There are many US students doing masters in the UK, I work with them every day. Just make sure you go to a top 5 UK university - eg for Computer Science Cambridge, UCL, Oxford, Edinburgh, Imperial. I think the masters degrees in the UK are well regarded in the US from respected universities, indeed I was advised by my profs in the US to do a masters in the UK and the US masters are often 'looked down' on as many are just money generating programmes and for those who did not get into PhD programmes. In the UK a masters year is regarded as a stepping stone to a PhD, and in some cases in required.


And to the previous poster, coming from Bulgaria you should know universities such as Edinburgh are *free* for EU citizens, who would normally be considered internationals in England.

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I did my undergraduate in Sheffield University in Financial Math. I have to say that UK and US system are really different. Most MS in UK is only one year and there are a lot of good schools with great programs especially in London.

It is worth finding out

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