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165v and 153q for PolSci PhD


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So did the GRE exam today and got my unofficial scores, which exclude AW. The Verbal section I found fine, I think I aced the first section. The second was much more difficult, with a few words coming up I didn't know. Regarding quant, the test was harder than the practice tests I had completed, including PowerPrep II. A few questions came up I wasn't familiar with (I studied Princeton Review and Barrons) and I thought I had done very poorly and paniced somewhat. I was very pleasantly surprised with a 153, I'll certainly take it. I thought AW went fine also.

So my situation is now as follows. Low undergrad, about the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA US but I'm not sure, perhaps slightly higher (a low 2.1 UK system I have). My MA (Political Science) went excellent, and I have about a 3.9 GPA from that, including an A in my thesis. My GRE scores are as above. Regarding LOR: I will have one fairly generic but politely positive one, a very good one, and a very strong one from my supervisor who although I was at two low ranked schools, would be known in IR circles (which I want to do). I have yet to work on my SOP, but will ensure it's good and will have a lecturer read over it before I submit it.

What do you broadly think my chances are with such stats for a Top 10?

PS. Be happy to talk to any prospective GRE takers if they have a question.

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I think you should retake to be competitive.

I have a ton of questions about the kind of material you came across on the quant section, but I know it's moot since my test will probably be very different than yours.

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