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  1. I think Yale accepts 40 students each year (maybe they put 9 people on the WL)
  2. So here it is… the Yale bloodshed… I'm so sorry for those who got bad news. I think now is the perfect time to make fun of Yale… I hope this makes you feel better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqsTatw-RTI and http://www.safetyschool.org/
  3. Guys… don't panic if you haven't heard from Yale yet. Some professors will contact accepted students today, but most profs are just enjoying their weekend/do not read their mails. You'll probably get the official decision very soon! Congrats to those who have already received their acceptances!
  4. I agree with packrat. Your Q score is definitely too low for top schools and if you want to be competitive you should bring it up to 160+. Keep in mind that it is more than just a measure of your "intelligence" (I should say here that I do not believe that it actually measures intelligence or anything that reflects your potential as a researcher). A high score on the GRE can also be a sign of determination - something that is very important for grad school. I had to take the GRE five times (and spend more than $1000 on books, test fees etc.) to get mediocre+ scores (V:163, Q161). GRE score
  5. Hahaha… I know… this wasn't very helpful. I think the GSAS will send out official decisions… and no one knows how long it takes them to do that. For those who haven't seen this yet: http://admissionsproblems.tumblr.com It's the perfect way to distract yourself
  6. They should be sending out decisions soon. But I cannot tell you when exactly. Edit: I really don't know when
  7. Congrats cooperstreet! Great news! You absolutely deserve this!!!
  8. Przeworski? He's not accepting new students.
  9. Congrats to those who got good news from Princeton. I was rejected by them twice and I know how much that sucks... But they have these funny rejection letters where they mix fonts (probably because they copy-paste text from different rejection letters). I'm curious if they will do that again this year.
  10. I'm pretty sure they didn't do interviews last year. I got the acceptance without interview.
  11. I also have a F1, and I can confirm that you cannot get resident status with that visa type. UCSD must know this.
  12. If the person only wrote "Luke": Luke If the person wrote "Luke Fancypants": Prof. Fancypants If neither applies and it is a senior scholar: Prof. Fancypants -> at my school some senior people demand that even the assistant profs call them Prof. Fancypants
  13. That's fantastic - congrats! I was strongly discouraged applying to top schools with a Fulbright, and my experience with them was pretty bad. I ended up declining it. Good luck for the next few weeks! I'm sure you'll get good news soon!
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