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Please to god help me figure out a thesis statement


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Jesus christ, I have been stumped. First year and I have a research paper due on the 14th of this month, approximately 4000 words with five academic references for each page. I initially wanted to begin writing about the media and the negative stories they report on police and what the causes behind the misconduct are caused by but what I found was that there was not a lot of information (academic) that I could reference to regarding police behavior that leads to misconduct. As I started writing as well I realized that I really didnt have much going on. I have a lot of references for police and their negative misconduct but I am dealing with a two day brain freeze trying to figure out what to specifically write the paper on. Does anyone have any good ideas that would be able to make my brain click and get me started on writing this thing. I just dont know what to talk about but I know its about the police and their misconduct.

Please let me know if you have anything. I am desperate enough to search online forums...

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I think a better resource for you would be to talk to your fellow students, your TA, and/or your professor. You still have just under 2 weeks, so don't delay further because you don't want to be asking your prof for help in starting a big essay one week before it's due!

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