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Creative Writing Programs in the UK?


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Hi all,

I am itching to move to the UK. I know that getting a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Oxford would be great, but I highly doubt my chances of being accepted...

Does anyone here know if the programs in the UK are generally good? I'm looking at University of Exeter, Cambridge, and Edinburgh. Also, through the websites it appears that funding isn't a big thing (but I might be wrong, I just barely looked), yet the programs itself (even with the exchange rate) are not ridiculously pricey. Is it worth it to go to school abroad and pay for it? Or would it be a waste since I am already an American citizen and we have some damn good and well-funded programs here?

Also, does anyone know of any other online forums for creative writing grad programs? I love grad cafe, but this forum seems kinda dead =[

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The only situation where it makes any sense to pay for an MFA is when you have a good job and you can take it part time, when you'd take a bigger financial hit for quitting even if you got an $18,000 - $30,000 fellowship. I'm in an MFA now part-time, have good friends who've gone to well-funded MFAs, and I think if any of us were paying big bucks for what we're getting (got), we'd be furious. An MFA is fun, but it's not worth a whole lot.

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