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WAMC for Clinical Psych PhD


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Hey guys, this is my first post here. I'm applying for this fall and I'm 99% done with the process, just waiting on some LORs to be submitted and packets to be mailed tomorrow. I just want some opinions about my application. I frequent SDN, but I thought I'd try to get ya'lls viewpoint.

Major & minor: Psych and biology.

CGPA: 3.4

PsychGPA: 3.96

Last two years GPA: 3.62

GRE: V-161 (620) and Q-148 (590-600) for a 309 (1210-1220).

Research experience:

-I conducted an independent study (designed, wrote, ran the analyses, etc.) and we have submitted it as a paper for a regional conference. It will also be on my CV under manuscripts.

-I am in the process (90% done) of completing a manuscript with my mentor that we are submitting to journals. I believe I will be 2nd author out of 3 unless my mentor want to be last and then I will be 1st. It is also somewhat related to my research interests (ED side). It will show up on my CV as a submitted manuscript.

-1 regional poster, 3rd author out of 3. 1 national poster, 4th author out of 5.

-I will have completed a supervisory role on one poster that will be sent to a regional conference. I will be last author, but my mentor said she will highlight that I was the supervisor/mentor for the poster.

-I will have worked roughly 2 years in one lab and and 1 summer in another.

LOR: 3 strong ones, all from professors I've taken classes from and done research with. One I'm basically her star student (the one I'm writing with and was given a supervisor role). They've all divulged that they consider me one of the best out of the whole department so I am fairly certain they will be awesome. :) One I've read and its very laudatory.

Statement of Purpose: My mentor thinks they are very strong and I expressed my specific interests and POIs in it.

Other: Psi Chi historian this academic year. I am also a blog author for our Psi Chi chapter's blog and a blog leader (I oversee a group of authors). The blogs are short literature reviews and go through a peer-review process. I am also a chair on 3 committees.

Schools I'm applying to (all clinical psych phds and all have at least 1 good research match): Auburn University, Kent State, Oklahoma State University, Ohio State University, Rutgers PhD, Purdue University, University of Missouri, Florida State University, University of Utah, University of Southern Mississippi, Washington University in St. Louis (WashU).

Thanks in advance!

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I think it's up in the air. I know you from SDN, and I'm a current applicant as well...but really, no one can give you a set answer. I think that's the main thing that frustrates me about WAMC posts. It's so arbitrary.

But here's the main issue. Your GPA is pretty good (Psych GPA is spectacular, obviously), but your GRE scores are average/below average and may preclude you from reaching the second round at some schools. GRE scores aren't TERRIBLE...but they're borderline for clinical psych programs, and low for a lot of programs you're applying to. I guess it would depend on whether they toss out applicants with lower GRE scores or actually look at everyone's research experience, because if they see your experience, they should give you a shot.

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I think you have a solid chance for getting interviews and even getting into some of these programs. Fierce, you are being too pessimistic here. However, I do agree that your GRE scores could be a make or break decision. I'd just like to mention that this would have been more of the case had your GPA was considerably low, but it's not. I think many clinical psych programs nowadays use a more holistic approach in gauging applicants and allow one strong area to cover a weaker area in an application. If you can get over the first hurdle of academic credentials, I think you will be fine.

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The only thing I know about clinical psychology programs are they are tough to get in to. Don't they usually require a subjects GRE as well?

We have roughly the same credentials, but I applying to social psychology programs.

I am rooting for you though. If your LORs are going to be excellent, I think that should offset the GRE scores and the GPA.

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@Fierce Who are you on SDN, if you don't mind me asking? Yes, I agree WAMCs are very arbitrary. They can be a bit informative, however. Like when I posted months ago with my original GRE scores (1040) and those on SDN were like "uhhhh.... no." I guess I'm just a bit antsy with my new stats because I didn't really get responses on there this time. I appreciate you guys weighing in even if its just speculation. I know my GRE is low for schools but I actually have very great research matches there and I'm hoping that will at least get me a chance. I'm really hoping they aren't the kind of programs that just toss sub-1300s out.

@ Denimfan and DarwinAG, Thanks for rooting for me or thinking I have a bit of a chance. :) I really do hope many of these programs take a holistic approach and don't just toss out apps before looking at them. Also, Darwin, these particular programs did not require it. Many do, including 2 I wanted to apply to but wasn't able to because I never took the psych GRE. They were more clinical on the clinical vs research spectrum, so I think it may be more common for clinical heavy programs to want the subject test.

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