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  1. This is a question that should be asked directly to your program.
  2. I would keep it brief, restating your committed interest in the program and his research, and that you are waiting to hear back for any updates.
  3. As far as I know they have extended all the interview invitations. The interview is next week so if you haven't heard yet, I'd say you are out of luck. That said, why don't you still email your POI and ask about it?
  4. Ahhhh this adds to my anxiety lol. Anybody else waiting for on campus interview invitation from Maryland for counseling psychology program? I had my pre-screenining phone interview and am waiting for my onsite interview invitation...
  5. You mean the waitlist? It will all depend on whether the people offered admission will accept, but you might try to find out your position in the waitlist to see if you are high up.
  6. I'd strongly discourage you from getting an online degree, Chicago School especially.
  7. The department's admissions contact or in some cases, your POIs. I'd suggest contacting the department's administrative personnell first and if you need more information, the POI. I didn't say this in my first post but probably the best answer to your question is: research experience.
  8. Well, yeah, Fordham IS a good counseling psychology program. But I don't see why that has to do with anything in terms of being accommodating and truly understanding of special situations for students. If what they say is true that the in person interview is absolute must given their high stake decisions in accepting students who will be part of their program for the next 5-7 years, it is also the same for the applicants in terms of finding a program they will invest their next 5-7 years of life. It sounds very selfish and greedy for the program to be inflexible when it should be a collective
  9. Psykir, is this for Fordham Counseling psych program? If so, I'm in the same boat because I can't attend the interview due to scheduling conflict and they told me if I don't attend the interview, I would not be considered as a candidate. No skype or phone interview options. No alternative date. To be honest, I am not impressed at how inflexible and unaccommodating they are towards students' situations. If they are like this even before admission, it really brings a lot of reservations about the program. I'll tell you one more thing, their funding is dismal and almost nonexistent for students
  10. You'll need to consult with each school with how they will handle 2 bachelors.
  11. Any word on u of maryland college parks counseling psych program? I saw that clinical program already sent out invites.
  12. I disagree and it is not necessarily "harder" to get into a phd program after a terminal masters degree. If the masters program does not have a thesis look for a position or volunteer in a research lab so you can continue to amass research experience. I have been in couple labs that was supportive of my independent research and I was able to produce a publication out of it. In essence, it was my "thesis" and I feel that this is really helping with my application process. Remember, research experience is the most that counts for the application so whether it is a thesis, lab experience, or a re
  13. Thanks for the info. How was your experience from last cycle? I know that the interview this year will be on feb 7th as it is stated on the website. I'm getting anxious as it's a month before the interview date and their pre-interview invites should be rolling in anytime soon!
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