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Getting the Motivation To Start


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My grad school applications are due a little later than the majority of people I know, February 15 for one school to be considered for scholarships, beginning of May for another school. My goal is to have them finished by the end of my Christmas holidays so I only have to worry about (potentially) chasing my LORs until the February 15th deadline.

The issue is, with finishing my undergraduate degree comes a ton of final projects and exams to study for at this time of year, and I have absolutely no motivation to actually work on my applications.

So, how do I get motivated? I need to write a C.V., 2 different Statements of Interest (I have a outline for one of them, but nothing for the other - I don't even know if I need it, the website is very vague), and get on top of my LORs, plus collect my transcripts from the school (easiest part, IMHO). Are there certain things which are better to start with? Would actually starting the online portions of the applications be within my best interest to kind of get the ball rolling?

I'm extremely motivated to get to graduate school, but finishing this degree is obviously a priority right now and I'm having a lot of trouble balancing both.

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I feel you! for me, it's been that I'm so amped about applying to grad school, I'm actually neglecting my course work...

I guess reading here has confused me a bunch because I seem to be weirdly ahead (already talked to profs about LORs, contacted a potential supervisor, etc...) but also not at all. Writing a statement of purpose is absolutely terrifying, so i guess i'm not really ahead. i also have due dates feb-march.

I guess what helps me is reading up on the programs' websites, looking at profs research, etc... this might be because i'm just excited to go to a school that isn't mine!

I think starting online helps, because then you have an actual list of what you need, etc. I think the online applications definitely have more specifics about what you need for a statement of interest.

I don't have too much advice, i guess, but it's nice to see another canadian and where they're at in the process!

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Get the online parts done first. It's the easiest and you will feel accomplished. They will also tell you everything you still need to submit so that will get rid of that problem as well. Get your CV and SOP done so you can give them to the people you are asking for LORs. Don't turn them in for your applications yet but get rough copies you can show to your recommenders.

Don't assume the transcripts are the easiest, that was the part I had the most trouble with! My undergrad institution just didn't send mine out, I had to call them everyday for a week to get them out. This was 2 months after I had ordered them!

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