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Should I just chill out and wait?


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I worked alongside a speech pathologist for a year and before I moved, she wrote me a letter of recommendation for my psychology masters program. I took a few classes and decided to switch to speech pathology and she mentioned that she would use the old letter and tailor it to the new schools for me (This was back in August). Now I'm sending in my apps and I can't get a hold of her. The first time, I called her and left a message. She didn't respond so I called again a week later and her mailbox was full. I emailed her assistant, who said that she would let her know that I was trying to get in touch with her. Still no answer. 3 days later, I emailed the assistant again, apologizing profusely but telling her that I knew the holidays were coming up and I needed to ask someone else if the SLP couldn't do it. No response. I know this is a busy time for both of them. The letter is already done (I have a copy of it sitting at home on my dresser!) and it's a really good one. I don't want to ask anyone else if I don't have to since she knew me so well but I'm starting to think I might have to ask one of my online teachers. I feel like I'm probably harassing her right now since it's only been two weeks but one of my apps won't let me notify my recommenders until I've actually turned it in (which means I'd have to put her down without being sure she could do it). All of my other apps are done and the other two recommenders have sent in their letters, which means that they're just waiting on this last one. Do you think I should just wait or ask someone else? The deadlines aren't until the beginning of January and February.


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I'd say you've got some time. She may be really busy or trying to get some things done before Thanksgiving. Give it a weeks or 10 days then try again. If you can't get to her by December I'd start looking for back up.

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Give it some time. Your deadlines aren't close at all and there is no reason to be calling every three days at this point. Follow up again after Thanksgiving, and don't start giving up and looking for someone new before December. If your deadlines are in Jan/Feb you could even ask someone for a replacement letter in the second week of December without it being considered last minute (but beware the holidays!).

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