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Calling all ecology/environmental applicants!


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Who else here is applying in this field, and what has your experience been like?

I'm trying to apply for a Wildlife Conservation M.S., but contacting POIs is becoming very tedious. So far I've only had one phone conversation with a POI and she gave me the go ahead to apply (but application info won't be up until January), 2 who are iffy/not sure if they have funding, and the rest have been no-gos or haven't replied yet. And I've emailed about 13 people.

There are a few postings up on the Texas A&M wildlife board that I might go for but I'm having difficulty finding open slots , and I feel like I need to email my LOR writers soon! Anyone else having the problem of needing to email for LORs but not quite positive of everything you'll be applying to? I'll be trying to send out as many emails as possible in the next few days!

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