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"Intended graduate major" on GRE report??


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I JUST realized that my intended graduate major that I have registered with ETS is Sociology, but I'm now applying for History. This was from awhile ago, but I changed my mind over the last few months. Anyways, I can't change it myself on the website, and I'm worried that it will be written on the score reports when they go out to grad schools (my first deadline is Dec 1, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I don't think I can call them until Monday, Nov 26!). Will it be written on score reports if I can't change it on time? Does it matter??

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Okay thanks, hopefully that's true. I'm thinking about sending an email to my grad schools, telling them that there was a problem, but that my intended major is definitely history, just so there's no confusion...?

I don't think emailing schools over it is a good idea or at all necessary. Schools are likely being inundated with last-minute emails right now, and what you reported as your course of study on the GRE really isn't an issue.

You can see here that ETS internally uses "intended graduate major" as a way to compile average scores per major, i.e., it's likely not even meant for the schools:


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