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essay lengths?

child of 2

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In my practice essays, I am averaging 350 to 400 words per essay (I'm a slow writer). But I have read that most good essays have at least 500 words. That's a difference of one body paragraph, and a supporting example. Suppose that the rest of my essay is well crafted, would the lack of words hinder me in the score, compared to an essay in the 500 word range?

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I don't really know how much word count would hinder things, but like you said, it could cost you a supporting example or a counterargument. If I recall correctly (and to be honest - I did not study for this section, just BSed it) I used a bit of an introduction, 2-3 supporting arguments, a counterargument, and a brief conclusion. Probably 600 words or more, and got 5.0.

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Length is the most important criteria, IMHO. I wrote absolutely as much as I could - intro, 4 supporting paragraphs, conclusion. Get as many thoughts as you can onto that computer screen...

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