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Have you taken the GRE in China?


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I'll be applying to graduate schools this time next year (i.e. fall 2013).

I'll be in China through spring 2014, and as such will need to take the GRE here.

Has anyone taken the GRE in China? If so, what was your experience?

For example, have you also taken it in the US or another western country? If so, did you notice any major differences in how the exam was proctored?

For those who have taken it in China, do you have any suggestions?

I'm a bit worried about doing it here as the Chinese, in general, are poorly organized. I called the GRE office at the local university here in Harbin and the woman who answered did not know what the GRE was until I translated it for her. (I speak fluent Mandarin.) I asked some, what I thought were, rather simple questions, such as what the test dates for 2013 were, when they'd be scheduled, etc. The women knew nothing and was angry that I was asking so many questions.

(FYI: I know test dates are on the website. However, the ETS website does explicitly state not all dates are available at all testing centers. I was trying to find out what was already scheduled as I work on the weekends and need to request time off weeks in advance.)

Any insight is much appreciated. I'll be sure to share my experience once I've completed the test!

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