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Sending GRE score reports before official score released


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I took the GRE on Monday, November 12. At the test center, I used a paper form to designate the 4 schools to send the free score reports, because I wasn't sure about the departmental codes. I had written them down in a note, but they didn't let me bring the note into the computer test room. So, they told me I could come outside after finishing and fill out a paper form. They said they would mail out the form the next morning.

I checked my GRE account online and saw the official scores there today (11/23). I had ordered 5 additional score reports on Tuesday, 11/20. However, the 4 free score reports I filled out on the test day are not there yet. I tried calling the test center, but no one picked up so I left a message. I also called ETS but they're closed for Thanksgiving.

Those 5 additional score reports (as well as my undergraduate institution) list a score report date of 11/21, so I suspect that my official score came out some time late that day, after the last time I had checked.

Basically, I have 2 main things I'm wondering about:

1. How can I make sure those 4 free score reports were received by ETS? Is there normally a delay for those to show up on your GRE account?

2. For the 5 additional scores I ordered before my official score came out, did they wait until my score came out, and then send it? I hope they didn't send a blank score report... If it makes any difference, I selected my test date when I ordered those; even though the official score wasn't out yet, it had my test date of 11/12 listed as an option.

I hope I'm not being too paranoid. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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If you ordered your scores right after you took GRE they will wait until they actually score your test before they send them. I did the same thing as you did, and ETS waited and everything turned out fine.

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