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Getting into a Counseling MA Program


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Hey guys, this is my first post on this forum. I've recently applied to 12 programs (10 mental health/clinical counseling and 2 social work). My goal is to become a therapist. I am worried about my stats. I have applied to a plethora of schools with a large range.

Counseling Programs:

1. CUNY- City College of New York

2. CUNY- Brooklyn College

3. CUNY- Hunter College

4. Villanova University

5. UPenn GSE

6. William Paterson University

7. The College of New Jersey

8. Seton Hall University

9. Fairleigh Dickinson University

10. Centenary College

Social Work Programs:

1. Temple School of Social Work

2. Rutgers University

My stats are as follows:

GRE: 159V, 144Q, 5.0W/A


Community College- 3.787

The College of New Jersey- 3.104

Psychology GPA- 3.113

Research: 1 year

Volunteering: Research Lab, College Editorial

Internship: Counseling Center for At-Risk Youth (1 semester)

The reason for the low GPA at the 4-year school was due to battling depression, I wrote this and how I overcame it in my letter, as suggested by the admissions counselors. I also wrote a bit about the personal and family circumstances that led me to pursue a degree in psychology and a career in counseling. I had to retake five courses to get my GPA up due to the depression and have documentation (though I never took medical leave). I'm really worried I won't get into any of these schools. What do you think?

(Before you say "OMG another what are my chances post", I know... its just that I really want to know, I haven't gotten a straight answer on this).

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