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ME Grad Programs with Exoskeletons, Prosthetics, and Rehabilitative Robotics


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I'm looking into this general focus area for graduate school because of an accident that my father had with his hand. I know there are a lot of good programs with this kind of research (MIT, Stanford, etc) but my 2.8 GPA prevents them from being an option. However, I have 165/162/5 on GRE, my LoR should be excellent, and my general SOP is very polished. I have some research experience in controls and I'm shooting for schools around the 30's-40's or lower. So far these are the schools I've looked at:


UC Irvine

Arizona State (this has three profs I'd be interested in working with)


UT Austin (a highly ranked one but they have some very interesting hand research)



I've applied to some, but if anyone knows of other schools with this kind of research in mechanical engineering I'd appreciate the knowledge. Thanks!

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You sound just like me! Except my dad's hands are fine and I graduated with a BSME in Nov 2012. After a year working in aerospace (my minors were in robotics and biomedical engineering) I'm sick of it and ready for something that's pushing boundaries and developing technology, not using 30-year-old designs and practices. My GPA is same as yours but my ACT and SAT scores were excellent (34 and I don't remember) and I expect to do quite well on the GRE when I take it next month. One's you haven't mentioned but I'm considering:


Carnegie Mellon

UT Austin

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

UC Berkeley


Do you have an update on your status? What have you found, what are you doing, what would you advise?

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