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Sending most recent score only


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Hey Folks,

just wondering if " the most score" option works at test center at the test day to submit most recent score only. Or do I have to wait until getting AW score then to order the " the most recent" one? Any past experience is appreciated :) by the way how long does it take to get the scores received by schools? does it send electronically? :)

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I just took the GRE this weekend and the option to send the "most recent" score was definitely there, even though they are only able to instantly give you your Verbal and Quant scores on the spot. Selecting "most recent" will send your test scores from that test, taken that day. The other option was to send all scores. So, to answer your question, you can definitely send your four free scores using the most recent scores option on the day you take the exam. And I'm sure ETS will wait until your AW section is graded before sending it out.

Sending the most recent score is beneficial if you know your most recent exam score is an improvement on your previous score. Although you won't be able to compare your AW score, it is helpful to go into the exam knowing your old score so when you see your new score you can make the decision to send most recent or send all.

I cannot comment on the speediness of score deliveries yet. They promise 10-15 days for the score report, so I assume that time-frame also applies to the score reports they send to schools.

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