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"Area of Concern" when writing a thesis

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Hej! :)

I am writing my thesis in Information Systems. It is about the "lived experience of people using ICT-enabled devices and services".

During my correspondence with my supervisor, he asked me to clarify my "area of concern" in the thesis. This is a vague concept for me. Although I have searched so many books and websites, I have not come to a conclusion. I have asked my supervisor to elaborate but unfortunately he is not available for now. I don't want to loose my precious time, therefore, I thought to share the question with you.

So my question is: "What comes to your mind when you hear someone asks you to clarify your 'area of concern'?

I would like to thank you in advance for your suggestions. :)

All the best,


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I think he just means you need to formulate the research question/narrow down a research area. This gets done only by reading more. Continue to read and you will get an idea soon, By the way I am aslo working on my thesis on Information Systems.

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