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MSW Application Resume Gap


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I'm applying to a couple of schools for my MSW. Both of these require a resume. Although I have a few volunteer/paid positions on my resume and am currently volunteering, I have a one year gap from the summer of last year to the summer of this year. The gap began after a position substitute teaching (I am a certified teacher) because you have to reapply after the summer break. I did not reapply because I was very pregnant and was taking some time off to stay at home with the baby after she was born.

I'm not sure how to approach this gap. On one hand, explaining that I took a little time off to stay at home with my baby seems like a reasonable approach; but on the other hand, I do not want the committee looking at my application to assume that I will not be able to handle grad school because I am a mom of a small child.

Does anyone have advice on how to approach this situation?

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I could be wrong but I don't believe that MSW programs are particularly concerned about gaps on your resume as much as an employer would be. I would either explain your situation in your personal statement, if there is room for that, or leave it as-is. Or you have the option of putting in some sort of contract work/self employed statement during your gap. I was a recruiter and that's what we commonly saw for people who were "in between jobs".

But, honestly, MSW programs look at your app from a holistic perspective so that will include your undergrad degree, GPA, job experience, and special circumstances. Plus, for the most part, these programs are not very difficult to get into as long as you meet their qualifications and hover around or above the average stats of applicants who are accepted.

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