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transcript help, when to send it?


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so i've started my applications online, some of them i'm in the process of completing online, therefore I have not pressed the submit application button yet. But because I was scared that it takes forever to mail out transcripts, I've already ordered some transcripts to be sent.

I was wondering does anyone know if it is okay for me to have already have my transcripts being sent although I haven't submitted the online application, still being in the process of completing it? Will the university still be able to match up my transcript with my application?


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I did that for all of my applications, and I haven't had any problems. I spoke to one DGS who said they sit in a file and each week she goes through them and matches them to submitted applications. All of mine have showed up (through the application or status website) since I submitted the apps, and I sent some of the transcripts 6 weeks before submitting the apps. I think if you've at least opened the app (so there's a record of you somewhere), you're good to go.

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Jtu2tj, this is a great thread. I'm in the same boat. and Bearcat1, thanks for the response. It's really helpful.

Now I'll go ahead and send my transcripts before I submit my online applications.

Good luck guys!

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