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Inspire me again!


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It is my comps (-rehensive exams) year and it is brutal. Just plowing through piles and mountains and nebulae of occasionally good writing and a truckload of utter crap that I could have done a better job writing in high school (...and that's just considering the native English writers).

I love, love, love what I do; I love, love, LOVE diving into my own research and not realizing I haven't slept in 28 hours and 2 AM runs to the library to look up a word in the early modern German dictionary and the time to daydream about how my little slice of Empire fits into the larger fabric of the medieval world. But right now, I have too much *#(@$Y@ reading of crappy books that aren't really relevant to my research and I'm never going to get through them all and guess what, my program actually enjoys failing people, and oh yeah they moved my cohort's exams up two months, because.

My first semester was hell, but at least it was mentally engaged hell. It feels like this year is just plain sucking my soul away.

Anyone got inspiring quotes, funny GIFs, *anything* to give me a nudge this week?

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