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  1. My PI just informed us on Friday that he would be moving to a different university because they offered him a half a million dollar salary and other great perks. He would be starting at his new school on August 17, 2015. About me, I am in my second year of PhD program, I have finished all the coursework at my current school, passed my quals, and have my candidacy exam scheduled for August 19 2015. My current project was not renewed so I will have to start a new project regardless of where I go. I had previously switched schools due to personal reasons after 1 year. I have one week to decide ( ughh) so here are my options 1. stay at my current school by joining a new lab and starting a new project. this might take me 3 to 5 yrs to complete 2. Move to the new school but stay a student at my current school, I will keep my committee members, keep classes and quals. take me 4 to 5 yrs to complete since I will be losing close to one year to set up a lab. 3. change schools again. this will mean taking more classes, taking quals since the have them, get a new commitee and do candidacy exam. This will take me about 5 yrs to complete. making my total time in grad school 8 yrs. I need get answer to the following questions before I make my decision. 1. will I be paid according to my current school or the new school?the new school pay is $24,00 while ours pays $27,000. I currently have NSF which will end in may 2016. 2. how will this affect my relationship with my boyfriend, we starting talking about marriage not so long ago? 3. will by boss pay relocating fees and loss of deposit? i just signed a new lease that required $500 deposit. if you end your lease early I have to pay one month rent with is about $1200 a month 4. If i decide to go but keep current committee, who will pay for my flights across the country for me to meet with my committee members 5. How will my health insurance he handled? I am super stressed about my decision so I would like all advice and other questions that I need to get answers to. For me who have relocated or stayed behind, please give me insights on what have been the pros and cons
  2. I would am planning to apply for it this year with the due date being December 13 2015.
  3. I used to bring my leftovers for lunch or eat sandwiches ( PBJ, banana, turkey meats etc) and then i realized that all those go really boring and were not proving all the nutrients that I needed. Also i was overeating on some days. So to avoid that, I do food prepping. Here is a sample video of what i made this week ( it is not my video)
  4. I would go with lab number two. Biomaterials will open more doors for you in the future ( personal belief).
  5. when i come to grad school, an older student told me that they are three things you should consider when applying to grad school 1. Location 2. your colleges 3. your adviser ( PI) If you are happy with two out of the three things most of the year then you are good. if not then you either need to adapt to your environment or change. I took that advise when I was leaving my previous grad school because i was not happy with my location or my adviser. so it depends on what you don't like about where you leave. I would mention it and then state how the new places you are applying to will be different.
  6. I think that you should include it but don't elaborate on it too much.
  7. Greetings, Has somebody with an NSF-GRFP used the cost of education money to buy a laptop for school? is how does did you go around that?
  8. instead of switching labs, i know someone who switched school altogether. I am not sure how they managed that but they did it. if you can switch school, that would give you 7 more years to finish. You could also get a master and then go to another PhD program. Do you want to stay in the same field? I know some people who joined labs outside their fields.
  9. as a reward for finishing undergrad and signing up for 5 to 6 more years of grad school I bought a 2013 Prius C in 2013. It only carry 4 people comfortable however I am fine with that since 98% of the time when i I drive the car I am usually the only person in it. The car cost me $ 25,500.00 since i wanted all the trimmings. after 1 year and 4 months of owning the car, I still like it. I think that it is the cutest car on the road Her name is Miyo. I plan on driving this car for the next fifteen years. some of you guys will ask, what about kids and a husband well, my current boyfriend fits well in the front and the kids will be able to fit fine in the back until they are about 10 to 12 yrs old ( by that time my car should be about 15 yrs old). what about if you want to take a road trip with four other friend? In those cases we always rent cars beside nobody want to volunteer they car for a road trip with friends. the car is great on gas mileage and parking it is pretty easy. I only drive the car on weekends so i will consider changing my insurance to weekend only use ( i live really close to school since i hate driving in ATL)
  10. This is my first time living by myself and having to worry about budgeting. Here are a few things that I do to save money. 1. This is specific to African american women ( i no longer get single braids, i get crochet braids for $ 30 to $40 every three months instead of paying the $200.00 for single braids). 2. since i live close to school, i dont drive 5 days out of the week ( this forces me to walk/bike to work everyday and doubles as my excercise time) 3. cook big meals and put them in containers that would last me a week ( yay food prepping) I am trying to become a minimalist so right now i am going through my staff to see which ones i dont use. if i do need something i try to find in on sale or second hand stores depending on the cost benefit analysis.
  11. what kind of laptop did you buy? when is it a good time to buy a laptop. I need one before the summer ends .
  12. I was born in Kenya, come to the USA when i was nine. since then i have bee to Poland, Austria, Germany for extended period of times. In the USA I have been to all the major cities except for new york. I think the best/ most out of place i have traveled to is savooga Alaska ( i could literary see Russia) .
  13. Thank you all for the reply. The student received the NSF-GRFP so he has money.
  14. One of my friends wanted to join a very respected lab on campus in his department. The adviser is ranked top 4 in his field, publishes every week and graduate students in 4 yrs max. In the beginning of this semester, he had a meeting with the adviser and ask if he could do a rotation in the lab. The adviser told him that he should do his first rotation somewhere else and then come back since he had just taken in four new grad students. After he finished his rotation, he e-mailed the adviser again to tell him that he had finished the rotation and is now ready to start his. The adviser respond is this " Thanks for the note. It looks like I won’t be able to host you and eventually take you into my group since all four new students are doing well and it will be hard for me to take another one." he really likes this advisers since the lab is really aligned with what he wants to do and would join the lab even without a rotation. Can he convince the adviser to still take him? is so how. The other rotation that he did was okay, the adviser is respected however the lab has not been publishing well in the last five years and the research is not what he wanted to do in grad school.
  15. Hello fellow grad students. I am nowhere close to graduating but i wanted to know what are some of the gifts you might give yourself for completing your PhD. two people in my lab finished within a week of each other. one bought a one way ticket to Chile while the other is going to visit 10 different island around the USA. I am sorry is somebody has started a similar thread ( i search already and did not see any).
  16. the 3.0 gpa is a requirement for the university and the department for students to continue in the phd program. My program places students in the M.S. program by not making satisfactory progress in the Ph.D. program such as bad grades or research. The graduate handbook does not have a GPA requirement for MS. it just requires that the dept chair and four other members in the dept make a recommendation for said students.
  17. Greetings, Situation: I was accepted into a top tier graduate school in chemistry and won awards such as the NSF-GRFP. However after my first semester I was put on academic probation and was given a chance to redeem myself. After the second semester, I was unable to get out of academic probation and was given one more chance. Now it looks like I will not be able to get out of the situation due to one bad exams which lowered my grade from an A to a B. I have talked to the professor and he said that he will not change my grades and i cannot do anything extra to improve it hence my cumulative GPA for will likely be 2.99 which is below the GPA requirement to stay in the program. I have talked to the graduate school assistant about transferring to a terminal masters route and she said that that route in not viable for me since I have never made a cumulative GPA above a 3.0 after the dept chair and DGS met yesterday to discuss my situation. I have not personally met with the DGS or dept. chair since and so i need to set that meeting up soon but before I do, I need to come up with a reason as to why they should change their minds and put me in a master program. 1. How can I possibly convince my dept chair ( who is also my adviser) to put in the master track ( which i will have to pay for out of pocket)? To get a masters, you need 30 credits and I currently taking 13 for a total of 28 cumulative credits by the end of the semester. hence I just need to take a 2 credit hr course to fulfill my 30 credits to get a master.
  18. Miro

    NSF GRFP 2013-14

    the NSF does not limit broader impact to just mentoring underprivileged minorities. it is all persons who who do not have access to the " high caliber education" that most of us have. This includes people from rural areas (regardless of class), intercity kids, women, first generation Americans etc. Broader impact can also include doing science demonstrations at the local fair or science museums.
  19. Miro

    NSF GRFP 2013-14

    I seriously hope that you do not get the award.
  20. Miro

    NSF GRFP 2013-14

    From what you have written so far, it sounds like you are pursuing something solely for the purpose of winning an award. It sounds like you have not done any outreach not are you interested in doing so. I honestly cannot believe that you want to use the fact that you worked with a minority woman to help with your lack of outreach. its people like you who write essay that is full of padding and over emphasizing that the NSF wants.
  21. on desk: Puff plus ( i have allergies), hand sanitizes, lotion, journals, water bottle, calculator, extra pair of glasses and sunglasses, headphones, cups of pens/ highlighters, purse and notepad. on shelf 1 : snacks, eating utensils, lunchbox,and ramen noodles on shelf 2 : books, journals etc drawer: books, pens, folders etc and extra set of gym clothes. under the desk: extra pair of running shoes, saddles, flats and book bag. p.s. this post has forced me to re-organize my desk.
  22. Miro

    second Ph.D

    You could instead consider doing two post-doc that are 1-2 yrs long. Do the first one in political science at any american school that will take you and then do the second post-doc at a more prestigious school in political sciences as well. This way, you don't spent 5+ getting another PhD that will probably be viewed negatively.
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