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AGU 2012 -- who is going? presenting? drinking copious amounts of beer?


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Two threads were started for last year's meeting; I wanna know who's going this year!

I am going and super stoked! Not presenting...still it is close enough to SoCal (and my family is in the bay area) that this is a no brainer, and exactly the end-of-term distraction I need from how the #%&$ I'm going to write a pair of 18-20 page term papers for my last gasp of coursework, before Dec 14.

So who among the geoscientists are going? B)

I will leave you with this pair of .gifs.

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If I haven't been on a lot lately, it's because I'm trying to whip my data into some semblance of shape. I am doing a poster on Wednesday morning.

eta: I have family in the Bay Area too, and a gazillion friends (I lived there for over a decade). And my sister is presenting at the same conference! Whee! This is gonna be fun!

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And so it begins: I traveled in a carpool to the Bay Area today, with others from my program. Someone had the "Symphony of Science" album and we had a sing-along. (For the uninitiated, these are autotuned remixes of Carl Sagan, Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, David Attenborough, etc. See example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB7jSFeVz1U.) This was followed by a long discourse on the global outlook of nonrenewable energies, and perceptions of Homer-Dixon among political ecologists. At this point, my seatmate threw her jacket over her head and went to sleep.


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I don't normally like jewelry--unless it involves very pretty rocks. (NOT diamonds.) Too much temptation in the vendor hall. :)

My poster session is done and I've been to all the sessions I want, so just having fun from here on out.

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Here is some fun for you -- you can play AGU Bingo!

I've compiled the following Bingo card from 3 days of observations. In the traditional "free space" I want to include something a little more challenging. To my surprise, I actually saw this yesterday, with a poster from the Heartland Institute!


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